Your Time Counts

Time tracking for productive teams

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Your Time Counts

Time tracking for productive teams

  • Insights

    Unleash the power of analytics

    Insights is a new analytics feature that provides you with instant answers on the questions you ask yourself everyday.

    • Which client consumed more hours this month?
    • How is my team allocating their hours between projects?
    • Who worked more hours this week?

    Whatever your question is, every app section in TrackingTime PRO provides you with the analytics tools you need to make the right decision.

  • Calendar

    Editing your time entries has never been so easy

    With TrackingTime PRO you can manage all your time entries per Drag & Drop in a brand-new, beautifully designed calendar view.

    Get an overview of all your team's tasks and activities in daily, weekly and monthly views.

    Schedule repeating events

    Do your employees work regular shifts? Do you have repeating tasks that need to be completed every day, week or month at the same time? We've got you covered. Repeating events allow you to edit recurring time entries in batch and will save you hours of manual entry.

    Sync TrackingTime PRO with your calendar

    With the new iCalendar integration you can automatically sync all your project and task due dates, as well as your time entries, with your calendar app. We support Gmail, Outlook, Mail and all major email clients out-of-box.

  • Reports

    Explore your data and run custom reports

    The new reports in TrackingTime PRO allow you to perform advanced data analysis on your timesheets without leaving the app. No need to export to Excel anymore!

    Combine advanced filters - users, clients, services, projects, tasks and date ranges - to tailor your reports exactly to your needs.

    With the company reports you can create timesheets for your whole team and filter the results by client, service, user, project and more.

    Better Rounding: Now you have more options to decide how your time entries should be rounded. Choose between rounding to 15 minutes, 30 minutes or one hour and decide whether rounding all numbers up, down or to the closest number.

    Send professional reports to your clients

    Pull your tracked time into a fully customized report and export it in a professional looking PDF document. Then you can easily print them or share them by email with your colleagues, employees, bosses or clients.

  • Activity

    We’ve completely redesigned the Activity section and added all the nice-to-have features you’ve asked for.

    • See your daily activities as usual or switch to the new team view to get a glimpse of what everyone is working on.
    • Find your tasks faster and simply add new tasks directly on this screen.
    • Tracked time on the wrong task? No problem! Now you can simply change the task of existing time entries.
    • Time entries are not longer tied to one single day. Adding an event that continues for several days is not an issue anymore.

    Now you can add notes to your time entries. This is great for describing what exactly was done during this time, why it look longer than expected or as a reminder of what needs to be done yet.

  • New UX

    Discover a whole new user experience

    TrackingTime PRO features a sleek user interface that makes tracking time and managing your team a breeze. The new UI is even cleaner than before and gives you easy access to the features you use most.

    Time tracking in real-time. Now faster than ever!

    Our Task Player allows you to track time in real-time with just one click and it's always been one of our top features. In fact, people love it so much, that it now takes a much more predominant space in the app and is always visible

    And the best part is: you can choose one of your recent tasks or add a new one, all directly on the player!

    Track time anywhere

    We're already available on the web, Google Chrome, iPhone, Android and Mac OS X. With the release of TrackingTime PRO we'll also launch new apps for Windows and Windows Phone.

  • Integrations

    Track time inside your favorite business apps

    This is one of the features we're most excited about. With our new Universal Task Player for your browser you can start and stop tracking time inside the apps you use every day, in real-time.

    The player find tasks and projects automatically

    We currently support Basecamp, Asana, Gmail and many more are already in the pipeline.

    Automate your time tracking

    Zapier is a great cloud service that makes it easy to automate tasks between web apps. Our Zapier integration allows you to create new tasks and to start / stop tracking automatically when a certain event in another of your tools occurs.

    Build your own integrations

    We've added incoming and outgoing webhooks to our Public API, so that you can send data into TrackingTime or get data out of it in real-time. Initially, webhooks will be supported in all project, task and time tracking endpoints.


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