Blog tracking Time

24 Jun

Insights for reports 🎯


Since v 4.23 PRO users can see automatic charts and analysis based on the data in your Timesheets and  Custom Reports using the Insights feature. Also in this version: Fixed bug in verify…

16 Jun

More fixes & clean ups in 4.22 👏


Fixed an issue with the colored bullets on the project list. Fixed an issue with the hamburger menu. Added an Integrations button. Added link to Product updates. Fixed a problem…

9 Jun

Turn off TrackingTime Button for selected Apps


Now you can switch off the TrackingTime Button on selected apps, from the extension settings. Just Refresh your browser to apply the changes. We also included a Rate Us! option in…

8 Jun

Welcome Jira, Basecamp 3, BitBucket & Zendesk!


This week we added Jira, Basecamp 3, BitBucket & Zendesk to the TrackingTime Button! Also we fixed the button for Trello & Github. Tell us which one should follow 💪