Elevate Your Workflow with TrackingTime and Spreadsheet Tools

Automation is key to maximizing efficiency and productivity. Imagine seamlessly importing rich, detailed data directly into your preferred spreadsheet tool, ready for processing and analysis at your fingertips. This is where TrackingTime shines, offering a seamless integration with popular spreadsheet tools. By automating the import process and bridging the gap between TrackingTime’s data and your spreadsheet environment, you unlock a world of possibilities for enhanced analysis and informed decision-making. Let’s explore how to empower your workflow.

Unlock Expanded Data Insights within Your Trusted Spreadsheet Tool

As someone immersed in the realm of spreadsheet tools, you recognize the value of data-driven insights and the comfort of working within familiar environments. With TrackingTime, bridge the gap between time tracking and data analysis effortlessly, empowering yourself to make informed decisions and achieve greater efficiency.

Take your spreadsheet tool to new heights by integrating TrackingTime seamlessly. With TrackingTime at your disposal, you not only streamline time tracking but also gain access to a wealth of expanded data within your familiar spreadsheet environment. By effortlessly exporting time data from TrackingTime into your preferred spreadsheet tool you unlock the potential for deeper insights into your productivity metrics. Seamlessly transition from tracking to in-depth analysis while maintaining workflow continuity, ensuring accurate time records and harnessing the full power of your spreadsheet tool to optimize workflow and drive success.

As a user deeply entrenched in the world of spreadsheet tools, you understand the value of data-driven insights and the importance of maintaining your workflow within familiar environments. With TrackingTime, you can seamlessly bridge the gap between time tracking and data analysis by exporting your time data directly into your preferred spreadsheet tool.

Expand Your Reports with TrackingTime’s Detailed Data

While TrackingTime boasts a robust reporting engine, we understand the familiarity and convenience of working within your preferred spreadsheet tool for data processing and analysis. That’s why we offer the tools to integrate TrackingTime data into your existing workflow, without disrupting your established processes.

Imagine processing employee data within your trusted spreadsheet, leveraging years of built-in automation. With TrackingTime’s export capabilities, you can transfer all relevant information – from employee rates and IDs to project details and time goals – directly into your spreadsheet. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to streamlined processes and comprehensive analyses.

Unlock a world of possibilities by enhancing your workflow with TrackingTime’s detailed data insights. Whether it’s custom project information, specific employee details, or client requirements, TrackingTime empowers you to expand your reports and drive actionable insights within your familiar spreadsheet environment.

Automate Time Tracking within Spreadsheets

Leverage the power of automation to improve and simplify your workflow. Connect your stack through Zapier, the corresponding API, or even manually to elevate your workflow with automated events.

Connect Your Stack through Our Public API

Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a newcomer, our public API will equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to integrate TrackingTime into your applications.

The TrackingTime API is designed to provide you with programmatic access to various features and functionalities of our platform. By adhering to the guidelines outlined in our developer’s guide, you can harness the power of our API to perform a wide range of tasks, from retrieving user lists to managing projects and clients.

Simplified Integration

The API offers various integration methods to connect with your existing software stack. Whether you’re using project management tools, CRMs, or custom applications.

Granular Control

The API provides a comprehensive set of functionalities. Access and manage data on projects, tasks, teams, and even users, allowing for complete customization of your time tracking experience.

Unwavering Security

Rest assured, your valuable time tracking data is always protected. The API utilizes secure protocols to safeguard information during communication.

Key Takeaways

Our developer’s guide provides you with everything you need to get started, regardless of your technical expertise:

  • Easy-to-understand documentation: Clear instructions and code samples (for developers) make integration a smooth process.
  • Multiple authentication options: Securely connect your applications with options like API keys and secure passwords, ensuring the integrity of your data.
  • Detailed endpoint explanations: Dive deep into the API’s functionalities with comprehensive explanations of each endpoint and its corresponding parameters.

Connect through Zapier for an Elevated Experience

By connecting your spreadsheet tool to TrackingTime through Zapier, you can automate repetitive tasks and create custom workflows tailored to your specific needs. This automation expands the functionality of TrackingTime and enhances your overall experience, unlocking the full potential of your spreadsheet tool.

Zapier allows you to automate any company process for a totally smooth and seamless workflow.

Connect Manually

Though there are many options to connect TrackingTime with your spreadsheet tool in an automated way, we understand that you may not count with the required knowledge or support. Not being able to connect your spreadsheet tool using Zapier on an API is not a limitation, since you can also do it in a manual way:

  1. Run a timesheet report with the desired filters applied.
  2. Export into a CSV or Excel document.
  3. Open the exported document within the preferred spreadsheet app.

Enhanced Spreadsheet Workflow

If working on spreadsheet tools takes a big part of your day and you aim to manage the time you spend doing it, then you can also leverage our integrations with spreadsheet tools like Airtable, Google Sheets, Smartsheet, Power BI, and Tableau.

Just install the browser extension for seamless time tracking while working on your spreadsheet, use the Smartsheet time tracking formula to manage time for each cell you work on, and enhance Power BI providing detailed data to create improved visualizations and build better reports.

Streamline Your Spreadsheet Workflow

By integrating TrackingTime with your trusted spreadsheet tool, you unlock a world of possibilities for enhanced data management and analysis. Import detailed data, streamline workflows, and unlock the full potential of your data for deeper analysis and more informed decision-making.

Built-In Time Tracking for Your Spreadsheets

Check out our Guide for Employers to enable your team to adopt time tracking while working on their usual spreadsheet tool, and make sure you keep all your data updated wihout any extra effort.

— time tracking guide for employers

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