Optimize Your Company’s Workflow with Timesheets

Understanding how time is spent within your organization is paramount to driving productivity and success. Enter timesheets, the fundamental building blocks of insightful time reporting. They serve as versatile raw material for generating comprehensive reports that offer invaluable insights into your team’s activities. From optimizing client billing and boosting productivity to streamlining payroll processes, timesheets are indispensable assets in any manager’s arsenal. Learn how they can elevate your business to new heights of success.


Optimize Business Processes

Timesheets serve as comprehensive time reports, offering valuable insights into your team’s activities. They are not just mere documents but powerful tools that can be customized to fit various processes within your organization.

Timesheets are comprehensive time reports that provide you with all the details you need about your team’s activities. You can customize them to fit any process your company needs.

Let’s explore three popular use cases where timesheets can make a substantial impact:

Streamline Client Billing Process

By generating a timesheet report and filtering it based on date range and billable hours, you gain clarity on who worked on specific projects or clients, the duration of their work, and whether it has been billed or not. Grouping the data by client or project provides a clear overview, allowing you to tailor the report according to your needs. Additionally, timesheets can be shared in various formats, including invoices, facilitating seamless billing processes.


Enhance Productivity Tracking

Delve deeper into your team’s productivity levels and identify areas for improvement. By selecting the desired date range and entity to analyze, such as projects or teams, and including relevant columns such as duration and rates, you can gain valuable insights. Grouping results by week or month facilitates tracking progress over time, and visualizing data through charts provides a comprehensive understanding of productivity trends.


Improve Payroll Management

Efficient payroll management is crucial for any organization. Timesheets play a pivotal role in this process by simplifying the calculation and allocation of staff payments. By running a timesheet report with specified parameters such as date range and user groups, you can streamline payroll processing. Custom fields for hour audits allow for classification of hours as approved or rejected, ensuring accuracy and completeness in payroll calculations.


Export Timesheets into Business Reports

You can customize your timesheets, export them into reports according to your specific requirements, and securely share them with colleagues or clients. The option to schedule reports for periodic distribution adds further convenience to the workflow.

Master Workflow Efficiency

Whether it’s streamlining client billing, enhancing productivity tracking, improving payroll management, or tackling any other workflow challenge, TrackingTime offers a comprehensive solution. Embrace the power of timesheets to unlock greater efficiency and productivity within your organization.

Report Time Accurately

Check out our Guide for Employers and learn how to take advantage of your timesheets to transform your time data into professional business reports.

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