The Best Strategy to Track Hours within Project Management Tools like Asana

Using the TrackingTime Extension with project management tools like Asana is a game-changer. So let’s explore the best practices to integrate TrackingTime with Asana. Additionally, create insightful reports and ensure your team tracks their time as expected. Join us on the journey to optimize your time management.

Track Time Spent in Asana

The first step towards effective time tracking is a smooth integration. With the TrackingTime Extension, the process is intuitive and hassle-free. Ask your team to follow these simple steps:

  1. Install the TrackingTime Extension for the browser of their choice.
  2. Enable the corresponding domain to allow the extension to track within Asana.
  3. Start tracking the time spent within the Asana task they’re working on.

Get valuable project insights by integrating time management into your team’s workflow.

Make sure all team members have installed the extension, and recommend it to those who haven’t. You may also add a tracking policy that require them to install the extension to ensure proper time tracking.

Define How Your Team Should Track Time to Get Accurate Reports

You may use a Project Management tool like Asana to promote efficient work and improve productivity by creating a collaborative workflow and identifying inefficient processes. Or you might find it helpful to plan and estimate your projects accurately based on previous performance.

Either way, you’ll determine how your team has to track their hours in Asana based on the information you want to reflect on your TrackingTime Reports. So, to get accurate reports, encourage your team to track their work within the corresponding Asana project. This way, the data reflected on the TrackingTime report will show the proper project they tracked time for, enabling you to analyze efficiency and productivity, and estimate for future projects based on accurate information gathered from your team.

Enrich Your Timesheets and Enhance Your Reports with Custom Fields

Set custom fields within your time entries, to add business-specific information to your timesheets according to your company’s requirements. This will expand the information displayed on your timesheets, enhancing your reports with relevant business data.

By establishing which data you want to see on your timesheets and adding custom fields to make them as specific as you need, you’ll be able to add as many detailes as required to your reports.

Set Accurate Estimates and Budgets

Estimates and budgets are two of the most critical aspects when managing projects. Estimating your projects accurately, resulting in proper budgets will ensure profitable projects and avoid future problems with your clients.

Amplify the information you track for each of your projects by adding estimate and budget information to each of the tasks imported from Asana within TrackingTime, and use it later to plan, estimate and set budgets for future projects.

Get Insightful Reports

Dive into the world of data-driven decision-making with TrackingTime’s robust reporting features. Harness your team’s data to create reports that go beyond tracking hours. And get a clear understanding of your team’s productivity. Here’s how to create meaningful reports:

  1. Display relevant columns on your timesheets to see specific project, user, or client data.
  2. Filter and export your timesheets in the desired format.
  3. Generate a branded report to share online with your clients.

These reports will allow you to analyze how your team spends their time. And identify areas for improvement and optimization.

Recommendations for Successful Time Tracking

Encourage your team to embrace successful time tracking by following these recommendations:

  • Encourage your team to use the browser extension to provide accurate insights.
  • Leverage TrackingTime’s reports to ensure consistent time tracking and analyze team performance.
  • Provide training and support to address any concerns or challenges your team may face.
  • Leverage TrackingTime’s reminders and recommend them to enable AutoTrack as a fail-safe.

Besides Asana, there are a handful of popular project management tools that can get improved by integrating with TrackingTime.

  • Basecamp, Monday, Todoist, and many more integrate with TrackingTime by using the browser extension too.
  • Integrate Trello with TrackingTime using the Trello Power-up to track time right within your Trello cards.
  • Connect ClickUp with TrackingTime using Zapier to automate time tracking into your workflow.

Streamline Project Management with TrackingTime Reports

Wrap up your journey towards efficient time tracking with TrackingTime Extension to streamline project management. Empower your team with performance insights and cultivate efficiency and accountability within your organization.

Embrace these recommendations to watch your team’s productivity thrive and achieve new heights in project management excellence.

Manage Your Projects with Built-In Time Tracking

Check out our Guide for Employers to enable your team to adopt time tracking while working on their usual project management tool, and get valuable performance insights to streamline productivity and efficiency.

— time tracking guide for employers

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