how to track your hours —

Time Tracking Guide for Employees

Sync your calendar
Install the extension
Turn on AutoTrack
Set notifications
Report your hours


Sync Your Calendar to Block
Your Hours

Optimize your time by planning in advance, synchronizing calendars and
setting work schedules.

    Why is sync useful?

    Synchronizing your Google or Microsoft calendar enables you to proactively reserve time slots for the events on your calendar, streamlining the process of recording those hours without the need to manually input them as new time entries.


    • Sync your calendar account
    • Customize your settings
    • Enable the calendars you want to include
    Sync my calendar

    What are scheduled events?

    Scheduled events are time entries that you can pre-fill to organize your day and block your hours strategically.

    Once the task is completed, you can fulfill the pre-loaded time entry.


    • Fill the time entry form
    • Repeat the event if needed
    • Save the time entry as scheduled
    Set scheduled events
    methods —

    Choose the Ideal Tracking Method
    for Your Working Style

    Easily adopt the time tracking habit by implementing the method that
    best suits your work style.

    • Desktop App

      If you work from your computer, we recommend installing the desktop app to easily track your hours. You can activate AutoTrack as a backup and take advantage of notifications.

    • Web Version

      If you work from your computer, you can also use the web version to log your hours and receive notifications without the need to install applications.

    • Mobile App

      If you work on the field or your role requires you to move around frequently, the mobile app will allow you to easily log your hours from wherever you are.

    • Integrations

      Integrate time tracking into the tools you already use and record your hours while working on them, using the extension or integration mechanism specified in each case.

    autotrack —

    Use AutoTrack to Secure Your
    Tracking in Case of Lapses

    Within the desktop app, enable AutoTrack to have a local backup of all
    your activity and use these records if you forget to track.

    timesheets —

    Report Your Hours as

    • Audit your information

      Use AutoTrack as a backup to compare the information from your records with the events on your device.

    • Correct your timesheets

      Make the necessary corrections to your time entries to obtain accurate timesheets.

    • Report your hours

      Provide an accurate time report of your worked hours to your employer according to your tracking goals.

    Ensure a complete setup

    Sync your calendar
    Install the extension
    Activate AutoTrack