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Time Tracking Guide for Employers

Keep it simple
Set expectations
Work with estimates
Monitor progress
Get time reports

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Specify the Type of Report
You Need to Obtain Your Hours

TrackingTime reports adapt to the processes of your company that you need
to address and simplify.

    Set up the best client billing system for your company

    Discover how to use TrackingTime to implement a client billing system that fits your company and the specific needs of each client.


    • Establish goals and policies to get the information as you need it
    • Monitor time records and audit the quality of hours
    • Report billable hours, export, invoice, and mark the hours as billed
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    Estimate, plan, and achieve your productivity goals

    Discover how to use TrackingTime to estimate and plan projects, monitor your team's hours, track project progress, and measure productivity.


    • Organize and monitor the progress of projects and tasks
    • Monitor time records and audit the quality of hours
    • Generate reports on outcomes and identify areas for improvement to enhance productivity
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    Simplify payroll process and monitor attendance

    Discover how to use TrackingTime to manage the payroll process simply and effectively, and monitor your employees' attendance.


    • Establish tracking goals for predictability
    • Audit hours logged and time cards to monitor compliance
    • Manage time-off, overtime, and your team's payments
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    Organization —

    Organize Your Projects and Tasks Effectively
    According to the Process

    Ensure a proper setup for the process you need to carry out by using
    TrackingTime correctly.

    Client Billing

    • Client-named projects
    • Assign corresponding rates
    • Assign project tasks

    Project Management

    • Assign clients and rates to projects
    • Create and assign tasks to users
    • Monitor progress

    HR Management

    • Set work schedules and reminders
    • Set absences and holidays
    • Assign rates based on user type
    onboarding —

    Introduce the Tool to Your Team and
    Set Clear Expectations

    Explain to your team the purpose behind implementing the tool and support
    the decision by highlighting the benefits for both them and the company.

    • Promote a positive work culture

      TrackingTime promotes transparency and individual autonomy. Additionally, it ensures better task distribution and facilitates team collaboration.

    • Enhance efficiency and increase productivity

      TrackingTime enables the identification of inefficient processes to implement improvement actions and obtain accurate estimates for upcoming projects.

    • Time reports for your company's processes

      Automate your reporting process with scheduled and live shared reports. Rely on accurate time records for your payroll process, and invoice your clients based on the hours worked according to their rate.

    methods —

    Recommend the Tracking Method that Best Suits
    Each Individual's Work Style

    Assist your employees in adopting the time tracking habit by recommending the most suitable method for each individual.

    • Desktop App

      If you work from your computer, we recommend installing the desktop app to easily track your hours. You can activate AutoTrack as a backup and take advantage of notifications.

    • Web Version

      If you work from your computer, you can also use the web version to log your hours and receive notifications without the need to install applications.

    • Mobile App

      If you work on the field or your role requires you to move around frequently, the mobile app will allow you to easily log your hours from wherever you are.

    • Integrations

      Integrate time tracking into the tools you already use and record your hours while working on them, using the extension or integration mechanism specified in each case.

    monitoring —

    Ensure that Your Team Meets Their
    Tracking Goals

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    Achieve a Complete Implementation with
    these Recommendations


    Ensure a complete setup

    Sync your calendar
    Install the extension
    Activate AutoTrack