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Track Time Everywhere

It’s easy for your employees to keep track of every minute on their phone,
regardless of whether they are working in the field or attending meetings.


Effortless navigation

Take advantage of our user-friendly interface. Effortlessly navigate between days by swiping left or right to switch. And swipe left to edit, prioritize, or flag tasks and projects.
Starting a new task is as easy as hitting the play button to start tracking. And ensure optimal performance by updating all your personal settings in your profile.


Quick access

Easily add tasks, time entries, or projects by tapping on the Plus Button. With the play button, you can immediately start tracking your time.
All your tasks and projects are accessible, making it simple to track time and edit details quickly. Experience the benefits of our user-friendly interface and streamline your productivity.


Intuitive design

Enjoy our intuitive and eye-catching design, switching between our mobile and web apps seamlessly.
Get a clear overview of your hours and detailed task design, to reach the peak of your productivity effortlessly.
You can even customize the app choosing between a light or dark mode for a full personalized experience.


More than Tracking Time on Your Phone

Time management, task and project details, deadlines, notes,
comments, and more, all at your fingertips!

Track every minute your team works

Create projects, tasks, and subtasks

Seamless sync with desktop app

Add billing information to your tasks

Set language and currency preferences

Visualize your team's activity

Set priorities and deadlines

Add comments and notes to each task


User-Friendly Time Tracking Mobile App

Unleash Team Productivity
with Automatic Time Tracking

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