Crowe Global: A Productivity Success Story with TrackingTime

Time management is crucial for productivity. Crowe Global, a leader in financial services, uses TrackingTime to measure, analyze, and improve its performance. This tool has enabled the firm to overcome organizational challenges and standardize essential processes.

Crowe Global’s Context and Challenges

Crowe Global, present in 130 countries, faced the complexity of managing multiple projects without a unified tool. Each department used different systems, complicating standardization.

The main problem was that we didn’t have a system to control the time spent providing services to our clients.

Explains Alejandro Vega, a Project Manager at Crowe Global, responsible for their time management and productivity initiatives.

As a financial, tax, and legal consulting firm, Crowe Global handles various projects categorized by the different types of services offered to their clients. Before using TrackingTime, each department had its own system for monitoring projects, reports, comments, etc., making it challenging to standardize and optimize critical processes.

Effective Solutions in Complex Scenarios

Crowe Global chose TrackingTime after analyzing several platforms, highlighting its simplicity and ability to generate detailed reports. This tool allows structuring projects according to needs and managing diversified clients and services.

The simplicity and great detail in the reports generated by TrackingTime were key for us. Likewise, we adopted the tool for client management and the diversification of the services we can track.

Alejandro Vega, Project Manager at Crowe Global Tijuana.

Currently, 40 employees in Tijuana use TrackingTime daily, associating the workload with specific projects, whether internal, administrative, or billable.

Each project starts with a time budget. This way, we can control progress to work efficiently, and our clients can recommend us for the quality of our work.

Alejandro Vega, Project Manager at Crowe Global Tijuana.

Flexible Reporting Is Key

Department Reports

These reports visualize the billable hours of a department’s total services. They provide a clear view of how time is distributed among different tasks and projects within the department, identifying areas for improvement and optimization.

  • Time Distribution: Shows how time is allocated to different activities.
  • Efficiency Comparison: Allows comparing performance between different departments.

Client Reports

Client reports detail which services and schedules are billed to each specific client and who recorded those times. This facilitates transparency and accuracy in billing, improving client relationships by providing a clear justification of the time billed.

  • Billing Transparency: Details hours worked and services provided to each client.
  • Project Tracking: Allows monitoring the progress of each client’s specific projects.

Employee Reports

These reports describe all activities performed by an employee for a specific client or service. They are essential for evaluating individual performance and ensuring each team member contributes effectively.

  • Performance Evaluation: Analyzes each employee’s productivity and efficiency.
  • Human Resources Management: Identifies training needs or task reassignment.

More Valued Features


TrackingTime easily integrates with other tools and platforms the company already uses, such as project management systems, accounting software, and communication applications, allowing for a more cohesive and efficient workflow.

Project Customization

The platform allows customizing projects according to the company’s specific needs, defining time budgets, assigning tasks, and setting key milestones for more detailed tracking.

Alerts and Notifications

TrackingTime offers automatic alerts and notifications to remind employees of important deadlines, pending tasks, and project changes, helping keep the entire team aligned and focused.

Benefits of Time Management

Process Optimization

Identifying areas that require adjustments to improve efficiency.

Improved Decision-Making

Accurate data for strategic decisions in project and resource management.

Increased Productivity

Greater control and time management result in an overall productivity increase for the company.

The Financial Services Industry

Crowe Global operates in a highly competitive and regulated industry where efficiency and accuracy are crucial. Financial services firms offer a wide range of services, including accounting, auditing, taxes, consulting, and legal advisory. In this context, the ability to track and optimize the time dedicated to each client and project is vital to maintaining high standards of quality and regulatory compliance. Time tracking solutions help ensure that every minute worked is billed appropriately and that projects stay within budget and on schedule.

Details of Crowe Global’s Case

Crowe Global has integrated TrackingTime to address specific industry challenges:

Regulatory Compliance

The ability to generate detailed reports helps meet strict regulations and internal audits.

Accurate Billing

Time reports ensure all hours worked are correctly billed to clients.

Resource Optimization

By identifying areas where more time than expected is invested, Crowe can adjust processes and reallocate resources to improve efficiency.

Transparency and Communication

Detailed reports improve client communication, providing a clear view of the work performed and the time invested.

Choose the Ideal Time Tracking Tool for Your Business

1. Evaluate Your Team’s Needs

Analyze which functionalities are essential for your team and projects.

2. Ease of Use

The tool should be intuitive and easy to implement.

3. Detailed Reports

Ensure the platform offers personalized and detailed reports to analyze performance.

4. Integrations

Verify that the tool integrates well with other systems and tools you already use.

5. Support and Updates

Opt for a tool with good customer support and frequent updates.

Boost Your Productivity with TrackingTime

Crowe Global has shown how an effective time management tool like TrackingTime can transform productivity and efficiency in a financial services company. By using detailed reports and integration with other systems, Crowe Global has optimized its processes and improved customer satisfaction.

Don’t wait any longer to experience the benefits of efficient time management. Start with TrackingTime today and take your productivity to the next level.