Google Workspace Is the New Solution for Team Collaboration

For many years now, Google has been helping us transform the way we work. Over the last few months, collaboration has become an increasingly key factor for productivity. Understanding these circumstances, Google has decided to rebrand G Suite as Google Workspace. Above all, this centralizes its collaboration tools for companies in the same place.

Goodbye to G Suite, Hello to Google Workspace

Along with this rebranding, Google is launching new features, integrating Meet, Chat, and Rooms within Gmail. This way, Google Workspace presents itself as the solution you need to get anything done. Including its well-known productivity apps as Gmail, Google Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, and more, all in one place.

With Workspace, Google introduces a new and deeply integrated user experience, that builds up around team collaboration and work efficiency. And brings together all the communication and collaboration tools into an integrated experience.

The idea is to ensure that employees have access to everything they need, such as email, chat, voice and video calling, content management, and collaboration, all in one place. Google already offered guest access features in Chat and Drive to connect with customers and partners. However, with the incorporation of Rooms, now it allows you to dynamically create and collaborate on documents with guests.

It Gets Better:

Google Workspace not only helps you working collaboratively with your colleagues, but also makes it easy to share content with those outside your organization. Google is also considering the importance of human interaction and connection while working remotely. Therefore, in the next few months it will be bringing Meet picture-in-picture to Docs, Sheets, and Slides. These add up to Gmail and Chat, allowing users to build trust and loyalty relationships with their customers.

It’s not just a simple rebranding, we’re talking about new and tailored solutions regarding the needs of each range of customers.

Based on simplicity, helpfulness, and flexibility, Google Workspace brings new ways to get started. Providing tailored solutions regarding the needs of each range of customers. It is even possible to install third party extensions to shape your Google Workspace to your business, adding shared inboxes, mail merge, document signatures and much more. Lastly, along with the new user experience, Workspace comes with a new brand identity and a new set of icons. These changes hope to reflect this more connected, helpful, and flexible experience.

Use TrackingTime with Google Workspace

TrackingTime has always been integrated with Google apps, allowing users to keep control over their work hours while using any of them. TrackingTime’s extension allows users to track their hours right within Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets, Tasks, and Calendar. In addition, using TrackingTime’s Chat Bot, now they can keep track of time while using either Chat or Rooms. TrackingTime is fully integrated with Google Workspace, encouraging users to work efficiently.

Benefits of Using TrackingTime with Google Workspace

  • Track time within all Google apps.
  • Stop timers.
  • Create tasks.
  • Check your project’s progress.
  • See what your team is working on.
  • Invite your team.

Install TrackingTime’s Google Workspace Chat Bot

How to Install and Get Started with the Chat Bot:

  1. Go to your Google Workspace chat session.
  2. Click “+” to add Bot and select TrackingTime Bot.
  3. Choose to connect TrackingTime with Google Workspace Chat.
  4. Log into your TrackingTime account.
  5. Type “help” to see all the available commands.


Collaboration has become a must for any business. Therefore, if you are looking for an integrated solution for team collaboration, and you are already using Gmail or any Google apps, you will surely find that Google Workspace suits you. And if you need to keep track of work hours and project progress to stay productive, you will definitely benefit from the TrackingTime integration.

Benefits of using TrackingTime with Google Workspace

  1. Track time within all Google apps.

  2. Stop timers.

  3. Create tasks.

  4. Check your project’s progress.

  5. See what your team is working on.

  6. Invite your team.

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