How to Work on Self Development in the Virtual Environment

Daily worries often make us forget to constantly improve ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We forget that every day we need to get better. Certainly, self development is now very easy. But in turn, its availability sometimes alienates us. Every day we tell ourselves that we will start tomorrow or on Monday.

How to Get Started with Self Development…

… and not turn it into hard labor? In fact, there are a lot of answers and we are sure that you will find the right one for you. Spoiler! It is very easy. And what is more, you may get all the necessary information in a virtual environment, doing what you’re used to – browsing websites and watching YouTube videos. Here are some useful places to pay attention to:

Subscribe to Some Useful Channels

Modern users like to listen to podcasts and watch videos more than reading books and seek information in the library. Therefore, we have collected the top YouTube channels that can help you in self development:

Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy is a global expert in the psychology of success. Tracy has founded 3 companies and has produced many books on motivation, time management, and the development of the right habits most of which are best sellers. His quotes and aphorisms are relevant in the 21st century.

Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma is a contemporary writer, one of the world’s most renowned experts in self motivation. All works by Robin Sharma are aimed at motivating readers to self development, learning, and reaching new heights.

Work It Daily

Work It Daily is the place where you can find qualified career support from coaches who have helped job seekers land their dream job at companies such as Apple and Amazon. There is everything you need to understand how to build your career, regardless of whether you are just starting your journey, want to change something, or just plan to grow up the career ladder.

Charisma on Command

Charisma on Command is a blog that will help you pump your inner mindset, become more self confident, and open your potential to the world. Charlie Houpert does not just talk – he analyzes the body language. Using the example of celebrities, he shows how to be charming and charismatic.

Use Electronic Libraries

Certainly, reading lengthens life, reduces stress, increases empathy, makes it easier to fall asleep and improves sleep quality – these facts have already been proven by scientists. As well as the fact that reading at a mature age improves cognitive abilities and reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore, electronic libraries are a source of easily accessed and never-ending knowledge on self development and other topics. Here are the most useful electronic libraries for you:

Internet Archive

Digital library of free books, movies, music & wayback machine. It is the largest open-source digital library, bringing together collections of American, Canadian, and European libraries. It includes texts, films, audio, and software that are in the public domain or are licensed under Creative Commons.

Gutenberg Project

It is a public initiative for the creation and distribution of an electronic universal library. This is one of the largest projects to digitize books in the public domain, which collaborates with the largest libraries in the world.

World Digital Library

It is the Library of Congress International Project. And it provides free access to electronic copies of manuscripts, rare books, and other materials related to different cultures and eras.

Start Exploring Your Favorite Field of Work

Certainly, the process of self improvement is inseparable from professional self development. When you have decided what you would like to do or what you like to do, move on to practice. To begin with, you have to gain the necessary knowledge in the chosen field. Therefore, to do this, you can buy special literature, sign up for training, or search the entire Internet. In addition to specialized literature, it will not be superfluous to delve into books on personal growth and development since they can become your supporters in difficult periods and additional sources and motivation, and inspiration.

What is more, if you want to become an expert in a certain field, it is very easy to get in touch with recognized specialists, read their blogs, subscribe to their social media profiles, and get a lot of useful insights first-hand. For example, Writing Judge essay writing service reviews platforms hire well-known freelance writers who gladly share their knowledge in their blogs. So, feel free to use them to improve your writing skills, and get professional advice.

Strengthen Your Body With Gadgets

If you want to tidy up your figure without spending money on subscriptions and time on the way to the fitness center, then this information is for you. Therefore, popular excuses like “Oh, it’s cold outside” will not work. We have selected the most optimal applications for iOS and Android.

Sworkit Lite

A very handy sports app with lots of exercises. You choose the type of workout (stretching, yoga, strength, etc.), set the time, and videos of real athletes appear on your screen showing you the exercises.

Nike Training Club

It has been developed especially for girls, so men are kindly asked to step aside. To start a workout, you need to choose a goal – slimness, tone, strength – and according to it, you have access to a huge amount of exercise.


Designed in the form of a fun and adventure game. To start the exercises, you will need to register in the program using Facebook, the developers do not offer other options. After that, you will have access to all tasks, for example, such as “Conquer Everest” (although in fact, you will be walking up the stairs).

Visit Only Useful Sites

You don’t have to use social media all the time when there are tons of other sites with useful content. Here is a selection of excellent sites that will help you develop yourself and become better for free:


It is a project that collaborates with universities publishing online courses to dig deeper into various fields of knowledge. Students not only take courses but also communicate with fellow students, take tests, and pass exams.

Google World Wonders

It will help you explore the ancient and modern world on a great online resource. Art, culture, adventure, and other amazing stories that are updated every day.


Sometimes the skill of performing difficult tasks in an easier way is what you need. LifeHacker will teach you how to save your time on everyday tasks and devote it to something more useful.

Remember: All Things Pass

You only have one life! Therefore, you should put in the effort and make it better. What is more, the highest quality sources you need are accessible in one click. Certainly, using all this information, you will not even notice to what level you will rise soon.

About the author:

Jamie Fry is a purposeful and promising author. At this moment he is working at writing services review companies, as Online Writers Rating and Best Writers Online and enhances his blogging skills. Confidently goes to his goal. He has a talent for writing original content. The main conviction in his life: «To be the best in the field in which you are developing». Always in search of fresh ideas.

How to get started with self development

  1. Subscribe to some useful channels

    Find some top YouTube channels that can help you in self development.

  2. Use electronic libraries

    Electronic libraries are a source of easily accessed and never-ending knowledge on self development and other topics.

  3. Start exploring your favorite field of work

    Buy special literature, sign up for training, or search the entire Internet.

  4. Strengthen your body with gadgets

    Tidy up your figure without spending money on subscriptions and time on the way to the fitness center.

  5. Visit only useful sites

    Find here excellent sites that will help you develop yourself and become better for free

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