As part of our efforts to improve user experience, we now introduce Timeline. This new view displays the key elements of your projects to provide you and your team with a clear and full overview. Plan and share your work towards success with Timeline.

What Is Timeline Useful for?

The new Timeline view makes everyone aware of the work plan. Take a look at these use cases and get inspired:

New Timeline View

Use Timeline to Plan a Product Launch

You can map out a product launch using the Timeline view to keep everyone involved on the same page. Create a task for each key stage of the process, such as development, testing, marketing strategy and distribution. Give each a start and due date, and assign them to the corresponding team members. Having set up the stages, you will have a clearer view of the process to make adjustments and plan everything before even starting to develop the new product.

Use Timeline to Plan an Event

You might find this view useful if you need to plan an event a few months in advance. Create an event plan that includes tasks for every key aspect, such as booking the venue, hiring the caterer and DJ, and distributing invitations, among other things. Additionally, set the duration and due date of each task to help you stay organized and visualize everything, ensuring that nothing gets overlooked.

Use Timeline to Enhance Project Management

It helps you visualize a project’s duration and key tasks by priority. Additionally, it allows you to identify overlaps and bottlenecks, as well as monitor workload by identifying who is assigned to which task. This becomes a powerful tool for a Project Manager who wants to stay on top of everything and ace their projects.

How to Use Timeline


Timeline [beta] lets you schedule all tasks or select which milestones you want to display. Only the tasks you select will appear on your timeline. 


Set to show a weekly, monthly or yearly view of your project according to your needs. Additionally, edit tasks, drag to set due dates, assign users to your tasks, and add custom fields to include any other relevant information. Done! Take a look at the big picture, with no extra effort.

Benefits of Using Timeline

Timeline will help you and your team to get a clear overview of the project plan, showing every relevant detail to keep up with everything. By visualizing the key elements in a this view, you might be able to identify conflicts and bottlenecks, and fix them before you even start working. Hit deadlines and ace all your projects with the new Timeline view.

What is Timeline useful for?

The view makes everyone aware of the work plan. Use it to plan a product launch, plan an event, or enhance project management.

Benefits of using Timeline

Provides you and your team with a clear overview of the project plan, showing every relevant detail to keep up with everything.

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