Omnichannel Customer Service: How to Make It Work

Omnichannel customer service enables the customers to begin their activity via one channel. Therefore, omnichannel customer service will include various mediums through which a service provider can interact with their existing customers or potential customers. 

Why Is Omnichannel Customer Service Necessary?

The competitiveness in customer service is increasing day by day. Buyers are becoming more and more confident and informed about their choices. Thus there is a need for omnichannel customer service, and as the customers in today’s time do not concern themselves with the channel, all they want is a solution. Now the solution can reach the customer through any medium. So if you intend to provide the best quality service, then omnichannel customer service is the answer to your question. 

Omnichannel customer service helps to merge social media, emails, texts, and messengers, such as WhatsApp Business, to deliver a unique and quality service experience.

Since now, customers have tons of communication tools, including online chat, phone, SMS, email, chatbots, social media, and more, the question lies at the company’s end as to how long it should appear accessible. This problem is then ruled out by omnichannel customer service, as it helps customers switch among the platforms and still receive the best quality service. 

Certainly, customers are a vital element to make a business run. Moreover, it is equally important to maintain a good relationship with them. And it can be achieved by delivering a quality experience. 

The omnichannel customer service provides you with the opportunity to reach your customers through various platforms. At the same time, you are making the service more useful. Moreover, it will improve your business’s credibility among your customers and make your business more popular. 

Set Up an Omnichannel Customer Service Strategy

Service is what customers expect to be excellent. So by tracing the path, you can hit the bull’s eye. 

According to the report of Accenture, “89% of customers find repeating their questions at multiple platforms, a bit annoying,” there the importance of omnichannel customer service comes into action from this point. 

In the following post, we shall share with you the five best omnichannel customer service practices. Certainly, it can make your business work and help you build an outstanding omnichannel customer service strategy.

  • Improve mobile-based services 
  • Focus on your social media response time 
  • Priorities your live chat feature 
  • SMS apt in all industries 
  • Emails still lead the race in terms of customer services. 

Now let’s discuss the above five practices in a little briefer so that you can use them in your omnichannel customer service practices. 

Omnichannel Customer Service Best Practices

1. Improve Mobile-Based Services

Mobiles are the easiest to access media devices. And according to data, 87 percent of the customer base uses the mobile phone to purchase goods and avail customer service options. In today’s market, companies can prioritize accessibility. Improving customer service experience through mobile phones is at most important. 

However, you can make it happen by:

  • Showcasing the self-support mini videos 
  • Creating live chat and chatbot available for help when needed 
  • Make the answers to frequently asked questions available 

Apart from these, you can also ensure real-time tracking for customer service via mobile. It will help you to improve the experience of your customers via phone.  

2. Focus on Your Social Media Response Time

Social media is one of the essential tools to improve your customer service experience. We know that everyone likes a quick response. And we also know our customers value their time. Therefore they expect a quick response to their queries. Businesses failing to do so might lose consumer confidence and may even compromise with the customer’s experience. 

You can improve your customer’s social media experience healthy by:

  • Providing a quick response within 60 minutes. 
  • Delivery a crisp and necessary helping points information handout 
  • Understanding customer needs and choices 
  • Acknowledge is a key at the end 

Ceratainly, these points will help you improve your social media customer service experience.

3. Prioritize Your Live Chat Feature

There are customers or business clients who require instant attention. They cannot delay according to your schedule. Such customers should be held at utmost priority and should also give a live chat facility. Such that it improves their experiences and builds the credibility and confidence in your company and your clients. Therefore, customize your live chat that deals with the needs of your clients. 

4. SMS Apt in All Industries

SMS is the most popular, convenient medium to address customers’ problems. Most of the industries find SMS, texting as an ideal channel for client communication. Reaching end-to-end requirement of customers, sending reminders, booking appointments, etc. Certainly, SMS stands as a perfect medium for urgent and needful situations. 

Therefore, a properly drafted message reaching the customer within the stipulated time can cause a very impactful impression on your customers for service experience. 

5. Emails Still Lead the Race in Terms of Customer Service

Despite development in other social media platforms, email remains the most traditional way of communication with your customers. Certainly, emails to date play a vital role in the customer service industry. Email automation workflow enables it to remain the most effective medium for providing the best customer service experience. 

It helps to resolve customer queries and is also easy to manage. Moreover, it is effective at meeting the result of customer satisfaction. Therefore, always remember to optimize the drafts and schedule automation. And remember to take follow up once the query is resolved. 

Improve Customer Experience with Omnichannel Service

Apart from the practices mentioned above, there are various other methods that you can put into work and improve the result of the omnichannel customer service experience. 

About the author:

Janhavi Mishra is a freelance content writer and content marketer with a belief, “Sketch your Ideas in Letter”.

Omnichannel Customer Service Best Practices

  1. Improve mobile-based services

    87 percent of the customer base uses the mobile phone to purchase goods and avail customer service options.

  2. Focus on your social media response time

    Customers value their time and expect a quick response to their queries.

  3. Prioritize your live chat feature

    There are customers or business clients who require instant attention and should be held at utmost priority.

  4. SMS apt in all industries

    SMS stands as a perfect medium for urgent and needful situations.

  5. Emails still lead the race in terms of customer service

    Email remains the most traditional way of communication with your customers.

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