Get a Clear Picture of What’s Getting Done: Project Management by TrackingTime

Keeping your team in sync is crucial for driving productivity, and we understand that! That’s why we’ve enhanced our service with powerful project management features. With TrackingTime, you can effortlessly monitor project progress, work efficiently, and establish good habits that reflect your company culture.

The right project management solution becomes essential for any SMB seeking for growth and success. Streamline operations with comprehensive project management and reporting, to make informed decisions and foster growth.

Here’s everything you need to know about Project Management by TrackingTime:

Unleashing the Power of Project Management with TrackingTime

TrackingTime brings a comprehensive project management solution tailored to meet the unique needs of SMBs. Here’s how our features can transform your business operations:

Project management software helps you run projects on time and on budget. Visualize your team’s progress and manage everything from one place. With project management software you can track which member of your team is working on which task, in real-time, and without switching apps. This way, you can get an overview of how your project is going, and manage your team efficiently.

Project Progress Monitoring

Stay on top of every project with real-time tracking. Monitor your team’s work, identify tasks that need completion, and gauge progress with ease. This visibility ensures you can manage projects proactively and avoid any bottlenecks.

Enhanced Team Collaboration

Centralized Communication

Create tasks and subtasks, assign them to team members, attach relevant files, set notifications, and add detailed notes. Keeping all communication in one place ensures your team remains coordinated and informed.

Sync and Share with Kanban Boards

Leverage our intuitive kanban boards to get a clear visual of project progress. Organize tasks, prioritize them, change statuses, and share updates with your team to maintain a productive workflow.

Permissions and Due Dates

Control access to sensitive data by assigning user roles with varying permission levels. Set clear due dates to ensure your team meets deadlines and focuses on critical tasks.

Efficiency and Organization: Achieve all Your Goals

Organize with Precision

Gain a holistic view of your projects to manage tasks efficiently. Project management software enables you to see the big picture, so that you can move the pieces efficiently, keeping everything and everyone organized. Keeping everything organized allows you to move forward without missing any critical details.

Real-Time Tracking

By using project management software, you can track the status of all tasks to ensure timely completion and adherence to budgets. This transparency helps you stay within scope and deliver quality results consistently. Certainly, as part of delivering a project properly, you need to know which tasks have been completed, and which are still pending.

Seamless Sharing

Foster collaboration by sharing vital information with your team. Keeping everyone on the same page minimizes miscommunications and enhances project outcomes. With TrackingTime, you can share all the information you need to work together with your team. Work efficiently and effectively to achieve all your goals, without extra effort.

Project Notes

To keep your team on the same page, create guidelines, overviews, explanations, and descriptions for your project. Keeping a fluid communication with everyone involved in the project will help you avoid mistakes and misunderstandings.


With TrackingTime, you can attach documents, videos, and screenshots to any task, so that you can easily share those assets with your team. Attached files are accessible to everyone involved in each specific project, so they can open, download or remove them as needed.

Advanced Time Reporting for Informed Decision-Making

Beyond project management, TrackingTime excels in providing detailed time reporting, crucial for SMB owners and managers aiming for precision and accountability. Time data can be enhanced with custom fields, which allow you to add customized labels to your tasks, such as task codes, job titles, stages in a project, client billing details, as well as any other detail you need to reflect in your timesheets.

Customized Timesheets with Custom Fields

Our customizable timesheets allow you to tailor your time tracking to capture the specific data your business needs. Here’s how custom fields enhance your time reporting:

Personalize Your Data Collection:

Add custom fields such as task codes, job titles, client billing details, or any other relevant information. These fields enable you to capture business-specific data directly into your timesheets, enriching your reports with deeper insights.

Flexible Field Types:

Use text fields, dropdown menus, checkboxes, and date pickers to ensure compatibility with various data formats. This flexibility makes your timesheets more informative and actionable.

Enhanced Analysis and Filtering:

With custom fields, you can filter and group your timesheets based on specific criteria. This capability allows you to focus on relevant data sets and gain actionable insights, driving better decision-making.

Comprehensive Project Reports

Accurate reporting is vital for tracking progress and making strategic decisions. TrackingTime’s project reports provide a detailed overview of all your active projects, offering valuable insights such as:

Detailed Project Overviews

See the total hours invested, monitor progress against estimated hours, and keep an eye on deadlines. This comprehensive view helps you stay on top of all aspects of your projects.

Customizable Reports

Tailor your project reports to include the data most relevant to your business needs. Customize and share these reports via private or public links, ensuring stakeholders are always informed.

Visualizing Data

Choose from list views, kanban boards, or timeline views to visualize your projects in the way that suits you best. This versatility allows you to prevent task overlaps and ensure smooth project execution. Switch from the list view to the board view, based on the kanban methodology to visualize columns and cards, and assign, edit, drag and drop as necessary. Additionally, use Timeline to display projects from beginning to end in a visual way, define project extensions, set start and end dates of key tasks, and visualize their order to prevent overlaps. Choose which of these views suits you better and set it as the default view for future projects.    

project management

Built-in Time Tracking

Project Managers know that time is one of their most valuable assets. TrackingTime allows your team to collaborate on your projects while tracking their working hours. As a result, you can get accurate data to help you bill your clients and set budgets for future projects. 

The Impact of Project Management Software on SMB Operations

Project management software allows you to fully visualize your team’s work and gain valuable real-time insights to make good decisions. TrackingTime gives you a wide range of reporting options to attend every aspect of your project. Get accurate time data with timesheets, visualize and analyze how you’re spending your time with dashboard, get an overview of your current projects with project reports, get detailed employee work time data with time cards, and get a monthly overview of scheduled and tracked hours with pace. Plus, you can easily customize and share your timesheets, dashboard and project reports with clients and colleagues using shared reports.

For SMB owners and managers, the benefits of using TrackingTime’s integrated project management and time reporting features are substantial:

Improved Efficiency

Streamline your project workflows and enhance team productivity by keeping everything organized and accessible in one platform.

Better Decision-Making

Gain real-time insights and comprehensive reports that help you make informed decisions, manage budgets, and allocate resources effectively.

Increased Accountability

Precise time tracking and detailed reports foster a culture of accountability and transparency within your team.

Enhanced Client Satisfaction

Deliver projects on time and within budget, providing detailed reports that keep clients informed and satisfied.

Embrace TrackingTime for Optimal Project Management and Reporting

TrackingTime provides SMBs with the tools needed to excel in project management and time reporting. By integrating advanced project management features with customizable timesheets and comprehensive reporting, TrackingTime empowers you to optimize your operations, make data-driven decisions, and achieve your business goals.

See what’s getting done, stay on top of everything, and lead your business to success. Sign up for a free trial today and experience the difference TrackingTime can make for your business.


How does TrackingTime improve project management for SMBs?

TrackingTime offers robust project management features such as real-time project progress tracking, enhanced team collaboration with centralized communication, and intuitive kanban boards for organizing and prioritizing tasks.

What project management features does TrackingTime offer?

TrackingTime provides a variety of project management features, including real-time tracking, task creation and assignment, file attachments, notifications, notes, due dates, user roles with permissions, and multiple project views (list, kanban board, and timeline).

How can TrackingTime help with project progress monitoring?

TrackingTime allows you to monitor project progress in real-time, identify tasks that need completion, and gauge overall project progress, ensuring you can manage projects proactively and avoid bottlenecks.

How does TrackingTime facilitate team collaboration in project management?

TrackingTime centralizes all project communication, enabling teams to create and assign tasks, attach files, set notifications, add notes, and share updates using kanban boards, ensuring smooth and efficient collaboration.

Can I customize project management reports in TrackingTime?

Yes, TrackingTime allows you to customize project reports by adding custom fields to capture business-specific data. This customization helps you generate detailed reports that provide valuable insights into project performance.

What are the benefits of using TrackingTime for project management?

Using TrackingTime for project management helps SMBs improve efficiency, enhance team productivity, foster data-driven decision-making, ensure accountability, and ultimately drive business growth.

How does TrackingTime’s project management solution support client billing and budgeting?

TrackingTime’s built-in time tracking and detailed reporting features provide accurate data for client billing and budgeting, helping you set and manage project budgets effectively and transparently.

What are the viewing options for projects in TrackingTime?

TrackingTime offers multiple viewing options, including list views, kanban boards, and timeline views. These options allow you to visualize projects in the way that best suits your workflow, ensuring clear organization and preventing task overlaps.

How can TrackingTime’s project management solution help SMBs grow?

By providing a comprehensive project management solution with advanced tracking, collaboration, and reporting features, TrackingTime helps SMBs streamline their operations, make informed decisions, enhance productivity, and foster growth.