Get a Clear Picture of What’s Getting Done: Project Management by TrackingTime

Keeping your team in sync increases productivity at work, we get it! That’s why we have strived to provide you with a clear picture of your team’s work, enhancing our service with Project Management. Now you can keep up with project progress with no extra effort. Work efficiently and establish good habits that reflect your company culture. Here is everything you need to know about our brand new project management features.

What Can Project Management Software do for You?

Project management software helps you run projects on time and on budget. Visualize your team’s progress and manage everything from one place. With project management software you can track which member of your team is working on which task, in real-time, and without switching apps. This way, you can get an overview of how your project is going, and manage your team efficiently.

In light of this, we have made improvements to simplify your day-to-day work. Take a look below at the most relevant features in TrackingTime that will make your experience much more valuable.

Project Progress

Stay on top of everything happening within your projects. Follow your team as they work, identify which tasks they need to complete and how much progress they have made on each project. 


Collaboration and Communication

You can easily collaborate and coordinate teamwork in one place. Create tasks and subtasks and assign them to each team member. Additionally, attach files, set notifications, and add notes and descriptions. Using TrackingTime, your team can communicate with everyone involved, keeping projects running smoothly.

Sync and Share

We provide you with a kanban board, which allows you to get a clear view of project progress. Therefore, you can organize tasks to keep a productive workflow. Create and assign tasks as needed, organize and prioritize them, change their status, and share them with your team to stay in sync.

Permissions and Due Dates

TrackingTime enables you to assign user roles with different levels of permission. In this way, everyone can access the information they need, while keeping sensitive data secure. Additionally, you can set due dates to meet your client’s deadlines, so you can focus on what matters most – getting things done.

Efficiency: Achieve all Your Goals


Every project has many requirements that you need to meet in order to succeed. Therefore, organization is key. Project management software enables you to see the big picture, so that you can move the pieces efficiently, keeping everything and everyone organized.


Certainly, as part of delivering a project properly, you need to know which tasks have been completed, and which are still pending. By using project management software, you can keep track of everything. Ensure you finish on time and within budget by keeping an eye on project progress.


Collaboration requires that you constantly share your work with others, to keep everyone on the same page. With TrackingTime, you can share all the information you need to work together with your team. Work efficiently and effectively to achieve all your goals, without extra effort.


Project management software allows you to fully visualize your team’s work and gain valuable real-time insights to make good decisions. TrackingTime gives you a wide range of reporting options to attend every aspect of your project. Get accurate time data with timesheets, visualize and analyze how you’re spending your time with dashboard, get an overview of your current projects with project reports, get detailed employee work time data with time cards, and get a monthly overview of scheduled and tracked hours with pace. Plus, you can easily customize and share your timesheets, dashboard and project reports with clients and colleagues using shared reports.

TrackingTime Project Management

Our team is excited to offer you valuable features that will make your daily work easier and improve your experience. Here’s the tea!

Built-in Time Tracking

Project Managers know that time is one of their most valuable assets. TrackingTime allows your team to collaborate on your projects while tracking their working hours. As a result, you can get accurate data to help you bill your clients and set budgets for future projects. 

Project Reports

You need to stay on top of every project at the same time, we feel you! With Project Reports you can get a comprehensive overview of all your current active projects. Therefore, you can easily visualize how many hours your team has invested on each project so far, and get hourly and fixed rates. Additionally, you can monitor progress and compare it with estimated hours, while keeping an eye on deadlines. Finally, you can customize project reports and share them with a private or public link. 

Project Views

project management

Many people prefer to visualize projects in one way or another, so we offer both list and board views. Therefore, you can easily switch from the list view to the board view, based on the kanban methodology. In this way, task lists will appear as columns and tasks as cards. You can assign, edit, drag and drop as necessary. And you can choose which of these views suits you better and set it as the default view for future projects.    

Additionally, we recently added a Timeline to display projects from beginning to end in a visual way. In this view, you can define project extensions, set start and end dates of key tasks, and visualize their order to prevent overlaps.

Custom Fields

Your time data can be enhanced with custom fields, which allow you to add customized labels to your tasks, such as task codes, job titles, stages in a project, client billing details, as well as any other detail you need to reflect in your timesheets.


With TrackingTime, you can attach documents, videos, and screenshots to any task, so that you can easily share those assets with your team. Attached files are accessible to everyone involved in each specific project, so they can open, download or remove them as needed.

Project Notes

To keep your team on the same page, create guidelines, overviews, explanations, and descriptions for your project. Keeping a fluid communication with everyone involved in the project will help you avoid mistakes and misunderstandings.

How Can You Benefit from Project Management by TrackingTime?

TrackingTime gives you the edge you need to ace all your projects. Plan, organize, and assign work, keep an eye on everything in real-time, communicate with your team, monitor project progress, and report results in a professional manner. TrackingTime encourages your team to track their hours directly where they work, so you can see the full picture to make the right decisions, without stressing out (so much!).

TrackingTime is the simplest way to see what’s getting done and stay on top of everything, sign up and try it for free!

Project Management by TrackingTime

  1. Built-in Time Tracking

    TrackingTime allows your team to collaborate on your projects while tracking their working hours.

  2. Project Reports

    Get a comprehensive overview of all your current active projects.

  3. Project Views

    You can easily switch from the list view to the board view, based on the kanban methodology.

  4. Custom Fields

    Add customized labels to your tasks to reflect in your timesheets.

  5. Files

    Attach documents, videos, and screenshots to any task, so that you can easily share those assets with your team.

  6. Project Notes

    Create guidelines, overviews, explanations, and descriptions for your project.

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