How to Display Your Time Reports with High Visual Impact Using Shared Reports

We know that what customers value most today is transparency and user experience. With this in mind, we have created Shared Reports, a tool that allows you to create professional time reports with high visual impact in a few minutes, so that you can share them with your clients.

It is a fact that, as a freelancer or SMB, you probably spend most of your time on “client work”. That is why we have developed a tool that allows you to report the status of your projects to your clients and share insights, adding value to your work by displaying it in a transparent way. All without extra effort. Therefore, you are able to raise the bar from what used to be just sharing a timesheet.

Whether you are a freelancer who needs to report work hours to get paid, or a manager who needs to stay on top of projects, Shared Reports will allow you to effortlessly create, customize, monitor and share time reports in a convenient yet professional way.

Sound’s good? Let’s get to know Shared Reports a little better

What are Shared Reports Useful For?

At TrackingTime we know that the relationship with your clients needs to be nurtured by mutual trust. And this is not always an easy thing to do. Keeping clients up to date on the progress of their projects and on how you invest the time you spend on each task is a great way to build that trust.

Understanding that this is the usual scenario for our users, we want to provide them with useful tools to help them carry out their professional relationships efficiently. Based on this, we created Shared Reports, a new feature that allows you to simplify the reporting process while maintaining, and even raising, the level of professionalism expected by your clients.

With Shared Reports, you can now customize all kinds of time reports and share them with clients and colleagues in a few clicks. 

What can You Do with Shared Reports?

Create Timesheets, Project Reports and Dashboards

Directly within Timesheets, Project Reports or Dashboards you can create a Shared Report which will be saved in “Docs” so that you can access, customize and share.

Customize Time Reports and Save Settings

Once you have accessed your report within “Docs”, you will be able to edit the title, description and content. In addition, you will be able to pick colors and patterns, and include graphs, data summary or relevant details.

Edit Permissions and Monitor Views

Shared Reports allow you to grant permissions and keep track of views and editions. This way, you can manage each report in collaboration with your team members, so that each specialized department can add their insights and data.

Share, Save, Organize and Access

Once your report is ready, you can save it, keeping your data organized and accessible. Each saved report will generate a sharing link that you can send to clients and colleagues, avoiding downloading, saving and attaching documents. Also, you can make the URL public or keep it private.

Create, Customize and Share

How to Create a Shared Report?

In Timesheets (for teams or freelancers), Project Reports and Dashboard sections you’ll find a “Share” button.

  1. Click on “Share” when you finish creating your report.
  2. All your shared reports will be saved in the “Docs” tab. Under the shared reports section.
  3. Next to the report you will find the automatically generated link that you can copy and send to your colleagues and clients.
Address your clients with eye-catching reports

How to Customize Your Time Report’s Layout?

You can share the default layout or create your own, the choice is yours! Find out how to improve your time reports before sharing:

Title and Description

  • Pick color & pattern: optionally add colorful patterns to your title layout.
  • Title: optionally edit the title, by default we’ll give it a generic name.
  • Description: optionally include a summary or details about the report.

Report Content

You can customize the report blocks by adding headings and paragraphs, rearranging their order, or even removing them.

  • Add blocks to include headings and brief summaries of the time data and graphs contained in the report or remove them at your earliest convenience.
  • Rearrange the order of the block to place important information at the top.

How to Manage Settings and Permissions?

Save your layout, edit permissions and see who has viewed your report.

  • Once you’ve finished customizing the layout, save your setting changes at the top, or cancel if you want to discard them.
  • Check the creation and edition dates, and the total views of your report.
  • Decide whether to make a public URL for sharing or keep it private. 
  • Grant permissions to your team members to collaboratively view and edit the document.

How can You Benefit from Shared Reports?

Shared Reports is the feature that will allow you to show your time reports in a stylish and professional way. With no extra effort, now you can display your timesheets, dashboard and project reports to bring them to the next level. Customize the layout, pick colors and patterns, add, drag and delete content blocks, and use graphs to display your data. Save your reports, set permissions and share them through an access link with colleagues and clients.

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What are Shared Reports useful for?

With Shared Reports by TrackingTime, you can now customize all kinds of time reports and share them with clients and colleagues in a few clicks. 

What can you do with Shared Reports?

Create timesheets, project reports and dashboards. Customize time reports and save settings. Edit permissions, monitor views, share, save, organize and access.

How can you benefit from Shared Reports?

Shared Reports is the feature that will allow you to show your time reports in a stylish and professional way with no extra effort.

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