Enhance Time Reporting with Live and Scheduled Shared Reports

Accurate and visually engaging reports are essential for any business, providing transparency, enhancing communication, and building trust with clients. TrackingTime understands the critical role of effective reporting and offers comprehensive solutions to meet your needs. Our Shared Reports enable you to create, customize, and share professional reports effortlessly.

Additionally, enhance collaboration by ensuring your clients and team members are always up-to-date with the latest information, making dynamic reporting a seamless part of your workflow leveraging Live and Scheduled Reports.

The Key Strengths of Shared Reports

Building a strong relationship with your clients hinges on mutual trust, and keeping them informed about project progress is essential. Shared Reports simplifies this process by providing a transparent view of how your time is spent on various tasks. This fosters trust and demonstrates your commitment to delivering value.

TrackingTime understands the needs of its users and provides tools to support efficient professional relationships. Shared Reports is designed to streamline the reporting process while maintaining a high level of professionalism. Customize your time reports and share them with clients and colleagues with just a few clicks.

shared reports

Maximizing the Potential of Shared Reports

Create Timesheets, Project Reports, and Dashboards

Within Timesheets, Project Reports, or Dashboards, you can create a Shared Report that is saved in “Docs” for easy access, customization, and sharing.

Customize Time Reports and Save Settings

In the “Docs” section, you can edit the report’s title, description, and content. Customize colors and patterns, including graphs, data summaries, and other relevant details to enhance the visual appeal of your reports.

Edit Permissions and Monitor Views

Shared Reports allow you to grant permissions and track views and edits. Collaborate with your team members by allowing different departments to contribute their insights and data to the reports.

Share, Save, Organize, and Access

Once your report is ready, save it to keep your data organized and accessible. Each saved report generates a sharing link, which you can send to clients and colleagues, eliminating the need to download and attach documents. You can choose to make the URL public or keep it private.

Create a Shared Report

In the Timesheets, Project Reports, or Dashboard sections, you’ll find a “Share” button.

  1. Click “Share” after creating your report.
  2. All shared reports are saved in the “Docs” tab under the shared reports section.
  3. Copy the automatically generated link next to the report and send it to your colleagues and clients.

Customize Your Time Report’s Layout

You can share the default layout or create a custom one. Here’s how to enhance your time reports before sharing:

Title and Description

  • Pick Color & Pattern: Add colorful patterns to your title layout if desired.
  • Title: Edit the title or keep the default generic name.
  • Description: Include a summary or details about the report if needed.

Report Content

Customize report blocks by adding headings and paragraphs, rearranging their order, or removing them.

  • Add Blocks: Include headings and summaries of time data and graphs.
  • Rearrange Blocks: Place important information at the top.
shared reports

Share Your Reports

Manage Settings and Permissions

Save your layout, edit permissions, and track who has viewed your report.

  • Save Settings: Save your changes or cancel if you want to discard them.
  • Track Views: Check creation and edit dates, and total views of your report.
  • Sharing Permissions: Choose to make a public URL for sharing or keep it private. Grant team members permission to view and edit the document.

Leverage Live and Scheduled Reports

Live Shared Reports: Always Up-to-Date Data

Experience the convenience of Live Shared Reports, a significant upgrade that ensures your shared reports automatically update on the public URL. This means your clients and colleagues will always have access to the latest data, making dynamic reporting a seamless part of your workflow. Create a public URL to share with anyone, and they will see your data in real-time, enhancing transparency and trust.

Scheduled Reports: Automate Your Reporting Process

We are thrilled to introduce an upgrade to our Scheduled Reports feature! Now, you can effortlessly send reports to multiple email recipients, including individuals outside your organization. This means you can automatically deliver your time reports to management or clients without lifting a finger. Streamline your reporting process and ensure that everyone stays informed with minimal effort on your part.

The Advantages of Using Shared Reports for Your Business

Shared Reports enable you to present your time reports stylishly and professionally with minimal effort. Display timesheets, dashboards, and project reports with customizable layouts, colors, patterns, content blocks, and graphs. Save reports, set permissions, and share them via an access link with colleagues and clients.

Upgraded with Live and Scheduled Reports, send reports to multiple email recipients, including those outside your organization and automatically deliver your time reports to management or clients. Additionally, enjoy the convenience of real-time data updates on the public URL of your Shared Reports. Create a public URL to share with anyone, ensuring they always see the most current data.