TrackingTime’s 2023 Recap: Elevating Your Productivity Game

Our goal at TrackingTime is to help you achieve maximum productivity. We are glad to look back on an eventful 2023 and share the remarkable steps we have made together.

Explore 2023 Game-Changing Enhancements

Flexible Billing with Rates & Costs Overhaul

Billing complexities are simplified with TrackingTime’s Rates & Costs overhaul. Reflect your billing processes with precision, allowing you to understand how costs impact long-term projects. A clearer financial picture empowers you to make more informed decisions and ensures your projects stay on budget.

Enhancing Security and Streamlining Access through Single Sign-On (SSO)

With Single Sign-On (SSO) linked with Microsoft and Google, TrackingTime makes security key in the digital age. As a result, we streamlined our login process for your team to access it more securely. No more juggling multiple credentials; just one secure gateway to elevate your user experience.

Ensure Users Join Your Company Workspace with Domain Capture

Optimize your user onboarding process with Domain Capture, a feature designed to effortlessly capture users during TrackingTime sign-ups, eliminating the hassle of creating redundant and undesired workspaces. Now, when individuals from your domain register for TrackingTime, they will be presented with the opportunity to seamlessly join your verified workspace. If preferred, users also have the flexibility to create their own separate workspace as needed.

Time-Off Reports with Visual Insights

Understanding your team’s time-off trends is now easier than ever with Time-Off Reports enriched with visual insights. Gain a comprehensive overview, making strategic decisions about staffing and project timelines more informed. A smarter way to manage time-off, resulting in better-planned projects and a more balanced team schedule.

Redesigned Dashboard Reports

Your decisions deserve the best platform, and that’s why we’ve enhanced our Dashboard Reports. With a complete redesign, get a richer, more intuitive experience. Your control center is now equipped to provide deeper insights, allowing you to make decisions that drive your projects forward.

Enhanced Automation via Zapier: Effortless Workflow Customization

Efficiency takes center stage with TrackingTime’s enhanced automation capabilities through Zapier integration. Customize your workflows effortlessly, allowing seamless integration with other apps. Now, your team can work smarter, automating repetitive tasks and focusing on what truly matters—project success.


Recover Deleted Entries and Undo Functionality

Mistakes happen, and we understand the importance of maintaining control. Our new undo functionality allows you to recover deleted projects, tasks, and time entries effortlessly. You can navigate your projects with confidence, knowing that unintended actions won’t derail your progress.

Expanded Adaptability with More Custom Field Types

Your projects are unique, and TrackingTime embraces that diversity. “List” and “Multiple Select” custom field types, allow you to tailor TrackingTime precisely to your project management needs. More flexibility means more adaptability for your team’s unique workflows.

Trello Power-Up Integration: Seamless Time Tracking

Simplify your time management with TrackingTime’s Trello Power-Up integration—a practical solution for project managers and individuals seeking efficiency. Seamlessly monitor project hours without switching between apps, providing a straightforward and practical approach to managing your time effectively.

Our Desktop App Landed on the Microsoft Store

Elevate your productivity game with seamless time tracking that’s just a click away. Whether you’re a freelancer, professional, or simply someone striving for efficient time management, our Windows Desktop App is your go-to solution. Experience the convenience of effortless time tracking right at your fingertips. Head to the Microsoft Store and supercharge your productivity journey!

Calendar Integration Upgrade

Precision in time tracking is essential, and our upgraded calendar integration ensures just that. Distinguish hours with precision, allowing for unparalleled clarity and accuracy in your time tracking endeavors. Now, your team can rely on a faster calendar sync to stay on top of their schedules with confidence.

The Best Is Yet to Come

As we reflect on the milestones of 2023, we’re not just upgrading features; we’re enhancing the way you work. Experience the future of productivity with TrackingTime, where each improvement is crafted to elevate your team’s success. Wishing you a brilliantly productive 2024!



What is Single Sign-On (SSO)?

Single Sign-On (SSO) is a secure authentication method that allows users to access multiple applications using a single set of login credentials. It streamlines access, improves security, and enhances user experience by eliminating the need to remember multiple passwords for different platforms. SSO is a key component of modern identity and access management, promoting efficiency and security in digital environments.

What is Domain Capture?

Domain Capture is a powerful time-tracking feature designed to simplify and enhance project management processes. In the realm of productivity tools, Domain Capture within TrackingTime stands out as a solution that streamlines time tracking by automatically capturing and categorizing work based on domain activities. By intelligently recognizing the websites or domains where work is conducted, this feature allows teams to effortlessly allocate time to specific projects, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in tracking work hours. Whether you’re managing multiple projects or seeking a more granular view of your team’s activities, Domain Capture revolutionizes time tracking, making it a seamless and intuitive experience for optimized productivity.

What are Custom Fields?

Custom fields in TrackingTime are a powerful tool designed to enhance project management flexibility and adaptability. These fields allow users to tailor their project structures by creating unique data fields that align with specific workflow requirements. With options like “List” and “Multiple Select,” users can categorize, prioritize, and customize data to suit their unique needs. Custom fields empower teams to capture project-specific information, ensuring a more nuanced and personalized approach to project tracking. Whether it’s tailoring workflows or refining reporting structures, TrackingTime’s custom fields pave the way for a highly customizable and efficient project management experience.