3,000,000 Hours Tracked. Thank You!

2015 has truly been an amazing year for us. We signed up more than 80,000 new users, released our apps for Mac OS X and Android, added multi-account support and workspaces, five more languages and lots of other new features and improvements. Thousands of companies around the world, big and small, now rely on TrackingTime everyday to manage their teams and tasks and to make every minute of their time count.


This year, you have tracked more than 3,000,000 hours on our platform. This is huge! Thank you so much for all your hard work.


A big ‘Thank You’ goes especially to all our customers who already reserved their seats on TrackingTime PRO. We’ve been toiling away behind the scenes and can’t wait to get all the new cool PRO features into your hands. We’re so excited about 2016!


Here’s to another great year of building productive teams that deliver great work and have a positive impact for everyone involved.


Merry Christmas and happy holidays! ????????


The TrackingTime Team