How can time management tips help you lose weight

There are so many time management tips that can actually help you to manage your time. Did you know they can be very useful for achieving other goals such as lose weight?

When we think of taking control of how we spend our time is because we are not controlling it properly. Time is scarce, yet abundant. Everybody has the same amount available, every day the same 24 hours. It’s how we use it what makes a difference.

Same thing happens when you are trying to lose weight (leaving aside eating disorders, of course): you need to gain control of your eating habits. Food is available everywhere, you need to make wiser choices on what you give to your body.

How can tips on time management relate to our weight loss battle?

Sleep well

Experts say about 8 hours sleep allows your body and brain to recharge the energy and be ready for the next day’s challenges. What you may not know is that if you don’t get enough sleep your body will accumulate more fat than if you have enough sleep. And of course, if you sleep well you will have more energy to exercise!


Most of the Time Management Experts will tell you to exercise and/or meditate first time in the morning. Why? Because exercising will increase your blood flow and that helps improve brain function, helping you keep your mind sharp and focused. Meditation also is known for allowing you to get your mind focused and relieving stress and worries.

Increasing your blood flow will also translate in more oxygen for your muscles -who are the ones that burn calories – and your digestive system.
Relieving stress from meditation and focusing your mind also helps you to curb emotional eating and lose weight. Let’s see… curb emotional eating, burn calories, that sounds a lot like weight loss!

Eat well

Food is the body’s fuel. If you don’t eat properly you will slowly feel sluggish and will lower your performance. Food that is high in fat takes more time to be digested so your body will concentrate more blood there, making you feel tired and less willing to work and focus after eating it. Also food that is high in sugar makes your blood sugar pike, giving you more energy, but as soon as that rush ends it will go down making you less energetic and more tired.

To give your body the proper fuel to work is highly recommended to eat a variety of vegetables and lean protein. Sounds familiar? No fat, less sugar, lean protein, vegetables: the basic recipe to lose weight!

It’s not about work-life balance, as if working wasn’t a part of your life, or as if being healthy was something you don’t do for yourself. It is about being consistent in all aspects of your life.


What are your goals? Long term and short term goals, everybody will tell you to write them down. Whatever it is that you want to achieve (professionally or physically) you need to be able to jot it down in a clear statement. Setting your long term goals (projects) will allow you to set short term goals (tasks) that will help you stay focused and achieve them.

How does this apply to weight loss? Well in order to lose weight most experts will ask you how much do you want to lose (or the other way around, a doctor will tell you how much you have to lose), so that will be your long term goal, as well as fitting in smaller clothes could be another. Then you have short term goals like lose 1 pound in a week or walk 2 miles per day. Additionally, it’s essential to have a well-defined plan with actionable steps, such as visiting a doctor for guidance, considering options like getting a prescription for weight loss medication, and setting up a fitness schedule to ensure a comprehensive approach to your weight loss journey. In order to commit seriously and lose weight you need to write them down in a clear statement, just like you would do to improve your productivity.

Track it!

Track your progress so you stay motivated. Acknowledge where you came from and what you’ve achieved. Learn what works for you in order to spend your time wisely (either working or exercising). See how it applies for both. work and health.

Bonus tip:

Don’t be too hard on yourself! You may not be able to make so many changes overnight. And you won’t lose weight and see results overnight either. Keep focused, be perseverant. And always check with your physician before starting any treatment.