Insights and Reports Updates

We have two powerful tools that compliment each other to provide you with the data you need to keep your team motivated and productive. It’s not about just gathering information, but using it to know your company better and to make wiser decisions in the future.


In case you missed it, here are the latest updates for these features:


This powerful charts tool allows you to see how your day is distributed across projects, customers and services. Insights are automatically shown on your Activity tab to give you an overview of your time distribution. On the Reports tab they will show you instantly the information of the reports you are creating.



In addition to Timesheets, TrackingTime PRO now also allows you to export your Custom Reports in CSV and PDF format.


Also available: Delete and edit your time entries from your Timesheets, no need going to the activity tab to edit. Just click on the line you want to edit and update it.



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