The Best Morning Routine to Boost Productivity

The early morning can be exceedingly peaceful. After a good night sleep, the mind is clear and sheds a new light to everything. Whether working at home or in the office, start off on the right foot by establishing a productive morning routine.

How to Achieve a Productive Morning Routine

Start the Day Earlier

Working in the first hours of the morning can help in being more productive. The mind simply works better and faster. It may not be easy for everybody, but there are some secretes, sunlight is one of them. The light gives cues to your brain, so it knows it’s time to get started.

Choose Your Breakfast Well

Don’t stall during breakfast and try having some things ready for it before you go to bed (like the pots you’ll use). Leave hearty breakfast meals for the weekend, being so full will demand more energy for digestion. And for the ones of us obsessed about reading newspapers: doing it soon after you wake up is not always the best idea.

Begin the Day with at Least a Bit of Physical Activity

The benefits of morning exercise are well known. Not only does it help for losing weight more effectively and getting a better night sleep, it actually improves productivity: the body releases endorphins, reducing stress and invigorating your brain.

Jump the Big Hurdles First

More and more people are turning to prioritized to-do lists. Getting the most demanding work done first can be most gratifying, during the rest of the day you can get plenty of small tasks under your belt and experience the feeling of elation while crossing out items in your to-do list.

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