Seize the Morning Time… or Not

There are too many tips, hacks and tricks on how to be more productive. Everyone has some advice for you to follow and get your stuff done. And taking advantage of the morning time is one of the most popular. It seems that if we comply with those simple rules we are going to change our life forever.

Maybe so, but we don’t do it. We keep reading about how to do it during daytime but then at night we forget to set our alarm clock one hour early, to keep the new morning workout routine (seriously, you haven’t even gone out for a walk on a Sunday afternoon, and all of a sudden you are going to have a workout routine? Before breakfast?). We didn’t buy fresh fruits to eat next morning: we are doomed to fail.

“Wake Up Earlier and Plan Your Day…”

I simply can’t. I do imagine myself waking up with this huge amount of energy, smiling and having a nutritious breakfast. Not only that, I imagine myself doing dishes after having breakfast in order to leave the house as clean as I can. The real life is the opposite. I press the snooze button for about half an hour until I gain enough consciousness and remember I wanted to wake up at the first ring of the alarm. Then I take a shower. I try to remember what day is it and where did I left my shoes. Oh, just 5 minutes for breakfast. Two slices of bread untoasted and unchewed go down my throat. No time for tea or coffee, just run.

So Is My Day Lost?

Am I going to be totally unproductive today? The answer is no. There’s no real reason to be unproductive if you wake up like a zombie instead of waking up like a fairy tale princess to seize the morning time. You can still have a productive day even though you didn’t start the day with the right foot.

It is not the best way, and we know it. We all long to be that morning person who rises and shine. But probably the best option to make that change is not to let it dictate the rest of your day. Move on.

Get to your workplace, see what’s on your to-do list for the day and keep doing what needs to be done. That is how you get your tasks completed, by working on them.

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