Introducing Shared Tasks

We’re excited to announce the release of our most requested feature ever: Share tasks are finally here! Previously, when two or more employees had to work on the same task managers needed to add separate tasks with the same name, one for each individual. Now, you can simply delegate tasks to more than one person.

Here’s how shared tasks work.

Shared tasks allows you to create a task for everyone in your team. This is great for common tasks like “Meetings” or “Support” that all employees need to track. If the task has no project specified, everyone in your team will be able to view and track time against it. When you assign a project task to everyone, all project members will be able to track time against it.

Won’t this affect accountability?

No, on the contrary. It means that the task at hand is so big that you need more than one person to complete it in a timely manner. The fact that two or more employees are assigned the same tasks doesn’t mean that they are thinking “Oh, someone else will do this”. Maybe a little competition even means they’ll improve their performance.

But who is responsible for this task?

Everyone assigned! Each individual will be tracking hours against the task and managers will be able to talk them through their responsibility towards the task. You’ll still be able to see the performance time entries of each task assignee separately. Every person assigned to the task will be able to edit its due date, time estimated and other settings.

Edit task assignees

In the past, you could not change the task’s assignee once he’d already tracked time on the task. With shared tasks, you can now edit task assignees anytime as you please. You can give and remove access to a task by simply editing it’s current assignees.

Track projects instead of tasks

For many of you a “meeting” or a “call” were examples of things that consume employee/project time but are not strictly Tasks. Now you can simply add time to the project without specifying any task at all –– both manually or on-the-fly. Time entry notes come in handy to give some details about the work done.

Just start tracking

What if you don’t even need to specify a project? No problem! We’ve got you covered: Just start tracking or add a time entry manually only specifying a user. Time tracking has never been this flexible!
With these new features you’ll be able to spend less time organizing your projects and tasks, so that you can focus on your work and move your business forward.


Let us know what you think!