15 Mar



TrackingTime Bot now available in Microsoft Teams

We’re excited to announce that we have collaborated with Microsoft to release our time tracking bot for Microsoft Teams. Track your time, stay on top of your projects, see what your team is working on and much more –– all without ever leaving your Teams workspace.

From freelancers working in web design, photography and marketing to large corporations that rely on our platform for transparent billing and payroll: TrackingTime helps thousands of teams around the world, big and small, to make every minute of their time count. When we launched TrackingTime almost four years ago now, we set out on a mission to reinvent time tracking software. Our goal was to build the most simple and elegant product to help businesses efficiently manage their most valuable resource: time. Since then, we have provided our customers with a wide range of desktop and mobile apps and integrated our product with more than 35 online services that business teams love and rely on every day.


Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re adding an amazing new product to the list. We’ve worked with Microsoft to bring time tracking bot for Microsoft Teams.


During the past few months we’ve been working closely together with Microsoft’s partner Message.io to deploy our existing bot to the new chat-based workspace in Microsoft Office 365. With this seamless integration, business teams of any size can not only track their time, but also view what their colleagues are currently working on, get an overview of their projects and open tasks and many more –– all this without ever leaving their Teams workspace. This will make time tracking easier than ever before.
“Unlike most of our competitors who view time tracking as a billing or accounting process, we’ve focused on improving business transparency and productivity from day one”, said Eric Tulle, co-founder and CEO, TrackingTime. “We’re especially excited about working with Microsoft because we both share a philosophy of empowering teams everywhere to bring their productivity to the next level.”
Bhrighu Sareen, General Manager for Microsoft Teams at Microsoft Corp. said, “The integrations our ecosystem partners are creating for the Microsoft Teams platform, built on Office 365, enhance the overall experience we’re delivering to our users. We’re excited to be working with TrackingTime to enable Microsoft Teams users to effortlessly keep track of their time and tasks in real-time.”
A big thank you goes to the people at Teams and their bot implementation partner Message.io for this incredible opportunity and their help and support during the integration process. We hope you’re as excited as we’re about this new integration.
Check it out on the Microsoft Teams platform