TrackingTime for iPhone new version is here!

We have updated our iPhone app!

Yeah, it’s been a long time.


Not only navigation and overall performance has improved, we also added new capabilities.


This major renovation has an ulterior motive: To keep updating our mobile apps at the same pace as our desktop app.

This new experience features:

  • New design: more modern and elegant, new interface resembles the desktop app
  • The Plus button: Easier access to add new tasks, projects and time entries
  • Quicker access to tracking: A fixed bar with a play button on every screen
  • Choose background theme: Dark or White
  • Customize your preferences: week starts on, date, time and number format and hour display!
  • Set flag priorities on your projects and tasks with left swipe
  • Follow projects

We are very excited about this new stage and we are looking forward to new updates.