• TrackingTime

Verfolgen Sie den Fortschritt Ihres Projekts in Ihrer Jobliste (3/4)

More information in your project list! Check your project’s progress and worked hours right from your tasklist.

Also in v4.25

  • Added a permalink to your task when tracking from a third party task manager.
  • Fixed a problem when marking tasks as done didn’t toggle the mark as done button.
  • Fixed a problem with the invite link when using the resend invite button.
  • Reports when rounding now defaults to round up. Who rounds down, right?
  • Fixed a problem when adding a task list on an empty project.
  • We fixed some issues with the floating combo box that sometimes got stuck in the top left corner.
  • You can start your tasks right from the Activity tab.
  • Changed the play button color while inactive so you have a clear view of what you are tracking.