• 📢Timecards Bulk Submission

    16 Oct 2019

    Timecards latest improvements!:

    • Submit all your Timecards in batch 👏
    • Footer with Totals: Total Time Off, Total Extra Hours, Total Break Hours, Total Work Time 😎
    • PDF file export settings: add Description, Logo and Signature Block 😍

  • PDF Export Settings 🖨

    4 Oct 2019

    In this release we introduced some improvements to PDF Timesheets exports configuration:

    • Added Timesheet Description Field 📜
    • Improved option to Display or Hide time entries 🕵️‍♂️
    • Advanced Settings: included Signature Block 🖋
    • Footer options removed: Footers will be displayed according to the Timesheet customization 💡
    • Settings will be remembered for following exports 🎉

  • Repeating Time Entries Bulk Edition

    27 Sep 2019

    👉 In this release we give you the ability to Edit and Delete recurring time entries in batch.
    Click on the time entry and custom your edition 🤗

  • Time Entries Form Improvements 📰

    24 Sep 2019

    If you are used to add your hours manually you will certainly love this enhancements!😊

    In this release:

    • We’ve changed the Time Entries Form design a little bit: date, duration and frequency improvements.
    • The Add Time Entry option can be found in the tasks button menu.
    • The right panel in Tasks section displays all the time entries in a revamped format: click on «+» or at the button at the bottom to add a new entry.
    • Add Time Entries for your teammates by choosing the name of the colleague in the form.

  • HOURS: Time Entries Update 🚀

    11 Sep 2019

    Ok..😊 We understood is a bit awkward to be creating 1-hour time entries by accident when clicking on the calendar so for your convenience we have improved this action in this release: Feel free to Quit Editing your time entries without generating unnecessary data.


    3 Sep 2019

    In this release, some visual improvements 😊:

    • Check out the new Filter tool design in Timesheets 💃 and the User Avatar that is now visible in your reports.🙎‍♂️🙎‍♀️
    • Insights icons have been redesigned and Hours View Icons included 📆Followed Projects option is replaced by a ⭐. 
    • Add a Project button is more visible.
    • Do you know what the +New button works for? Find out. It’s a shortcut to your daily job. 🚀 Now highlighted!
    • The chat icon at the right bottom has been hidden to let you have a wider vision of the screen. Need Help ❓ You can still contact us at the end of the left panel.


    20 Ago 2019

    • In this release 👏

    • Calendar: 🔦 Spotlight on the selected time entry to facilitate the edition.
    • Time entry form: active task’s duration, start and end date highlighted in a brighter color ✨to help you easily visualize what you are working on.
    • The drop-down View selector list displays the settings available for each view only.👓

    • Team name’s first column freezes ❄ to help you better analyze your colleague’s calendar.
    • Easier to identify who is working on a task.🙎‍♀️🙎‍♂️
    • Selected day in the calendar is more visible👁 than before.

    • Fixed some bugs: now you can simply edit and manage your projects and tasks from this section.🙌


    12 Ago 2019

    Now you can choose how to display your Recent Activity: Try the New List view 👀 in the Hours section or access through the Shortcut at the top of the screen. ⏰ Add, edit and track your tasks in a more organized way!🙌

    Also in this release:

    • We improved the Search Function so it’s easier to include archived projects in your searches.🔎
    • We fixed a small bug in the Hourly Rates settings for team members.🐛

  • We’ve had a Make-Over 💇‍♀️

    26 Jul 2019

    We hope you are enjoying the new Log In´s fresh style!😍
    ✨ This time we have also introduced a revamped Onboarding process for new users 👯‍♂️ and some extra design adjustments so that TrackingTime looks better than ever! 💅


    4 Jul 2019

    We have paid close attention to your suggestions and feedback and in this update we want to introduce you to some changes we made to New Timesheets reports that you are gonna love!

    In this release:

    • We have redesigned the table layout to facilitate the reading of your data.😍
    • New PDF export design:👉 Your reports are much easier to understand, the grouped data is better organized, the notes are displayed in columns.
      We added page numbers and header in each page of your report!
    • Table columns: When grouping your data, the first column freezes for a better analysis of your time entries.💪 Columns size can be adjusted according to your preferences. You can drag and drop between columns to rearrange their order.
    • We have changed the Duration column format to HH:MM:SS in the export files to eliminate the discrepancies between the app time entrie´s totals and the export file totals.⏰
    • A new group has been created:📆 Now you can group your time entries by Week number.
    • We have included a Refresh Button for Timesheets just like we have in the other sections and the Rounding Button is more visible than it was before.🙌
    • Your data loads much more faster now ✨so getting time entries from long periods of time ago will no longer be a headache.
    • Also, we have improved the collapsing method so you don´t miss any information in your reports and upgraded the Excel exports to xlsx files!😊

    Tasks are 4x faster⚡️: we rolled back up the optimization for tasks!


    27 May 2019

    We created a new report that reflects your team clock ins & outs 👇👆. We process the time entries detecting breaks, extra and regular hours with a flexible submission process so you can define your own flow 🦄

    Introducing apps 🚀

    With apps we will allow you to customize and extend TrackingTime 💪

  • Design tweaks and usability improvements

    30 Abr 2019

    On this release we fine-tuned timesheets for better readability and we also re-organized the menu moving Pace into reports also you’ll notice a few design tweaks here and there

  • Download all reports

    29 Mar 2019

    We noticed that some of you are clicking on the download button like 20 times just to get separate files, we got your back! No you can download all the timesheet groups at once.

    tasks are 9x faster⚡️: we rolled back the optimization for tasks because a small error in some accounts created snowball effect affecting everybody. Hang on, we will release the optimization soon!

  • Billed time entries, user rate and cost

    19 Mar 2019

    We are releasing two of the most requested features! We are on ????

    Billed time entries:

    In timesheet you can batch select time entries and mark them as billed, also you can build reports based on this attribute.

    User hourly rate and cost:

    Going to team, now you can set how much you charge and how much it costs you per hour and build reports around this

  • New player and search

    7 Mar 2019

    Version 4.46: UI improvements!

    We revamped the entire top navigation with a cleaner new player , some cool rounded buttons

  • ⚡️Project list 5x faster!

    22 Feb 2019

    Version 4.42: we keep tweaking our services, you should note a faster response time when loading your projects. Also we fixed the nav bar in small resolutions.

  • The Tracking Time Button is Available for Firefox

    20 Feb 2019

  • The minified nav bar is back for good. Yay

    19 Feb 2019

    Since version 4.41 we added the collapsed mode for the main nav and a little red dot indicator that will display whenever we have a product update so you see what we are up-to

  • Hours, your way

    28 Dic 2018

    After we merged Calendar and Activity, we realized that everybody loved a different aspects of those views

  • Brand new reporting engine

    13 Dic 2018

    We’ve built a completely new reporting engine that makes creating even complex timesheets easier and faster than ever before. The new timesheets combine the best features previously available in timesheets and custom reports and add a few new handy tools.

    • ☺️Print reports: Now, you can print your reports directly from within the app.

  • Keep up the Pace

    22 Oct 2018

    Web, Chrome & Mac v4.38

    For most of us is hard to keep the discipline of tracking working hours. Even harder is to make our teams track theirs

  • Google Sign-in, UI improvements and more

    All apps

    6 Jun 2018

    Hello and happy June!
    Yesterday, we have started rolling-out new versions of all our apps, i.e. the web, chrome, mac and mobile apps as well as the TrackingTime Button for Chrome and the Slack Bot.

    Here’s what we’ve been up to lately at TrackingTime:

  • Better reminders

    Tracking Button v1.14

    8 Sep 2017

    Keep forgetting to track?

    Now you can set up reminders to track your time in The TrackingTime Button.
    Go to settings > notitifications:
    You’ll be able to set up your working hours (so we don’t remind you to work when you are watching Netflix ???? ) and the frequency you want to be reminded.

    Still don’t have the TrackingTime Button? Get it here!

  • Shared tasks

    Web, Chrome & Mac v4.36

    20 Jul 2017

    For years now we’ve been reading the same request over and over again: Can I assign a task to more than one user? And the answer was always “No”.

    We weren’t the only ones. Wunderlist had this request for over 4 years on their “feature request” list with over 3 thousand votes, being in the top 20 of most voted and didn’t come to terms with it. Asana has even written a blog post explaining why they support only one assignee per task.

    Our app is task based, not only in concept, but Tasks are our main entity. This means we had to modify the core of our app and absolutely everything (every feature, every line of code, and every action) was affected by this change. Maybe this is what drove other task based apps to not add this feature.

    Not only had we to decide whether we wanted to go through this process and possibly rewrite all the code. We had to make sure this idea wasn’t just driven by trying to satisfy our customers, but because it really made sense for project management.

    And it did.

    Some companies believe they should rely on tasks to keep their employees accountable. And that can be the case if you just give employees a to-do list with things they ought to complete by some given time. In this scenario if two workers share a task, one might take advantage of the other, but this is not true for all the companies and all the projects. Does a construction worker stop putting bricks because someone else is doing it? Sometimes the task at hand is just too big for one person. Are you going to divide the wall into two just so you can give each employee a task?

    We understood that this was the way to go and this led to adding more related features

    Now, you can define tasks to be assigned to all users in your team, or in a project. So whenever you add new users they will automatically have these tasks assigned to them without further actions from an admin. Also, users can share tasks created before this update, as well as reassigning them to other people.

    This has been a major update and this is a major feature that set us apart from all the other time tracking apps.

    We couldn’t be prouder of our team and wanted to share it with you.

    The TrackingTime Team

  • Get more done by prioritizing, duplicating, scheduling and moving your tasks around!

    Web, Chrome & Mac v4.35

    1 Mar 2017

    We made Task Management easier

    • Duplicate tasks effortlessly
    • Prioritize Tasks, as you already do with projects
    • We added a quicker way to schedule your tasks.
    • Need to move a task from one project to another? Now you can do it by drag and drop

    Bug fixes:

    • In the calendar monthly view, now you see the events in the inactive days.
    • A bug in firefox with the add task text input.
    • Fixed iCal integration with some accounts.


    We are constantly working on improving the overall performance. We already enhanced retrieving projects and now we are working with time entries. We expect to have visible results in the next week or two.

  • Go deeper with project reports.

    Web, Chrome & Mac v4.34

    27 Ene 2017

    Project reports:

    In this update we entirely redesigned the Project reports, now it’s easier to anticipate overtime and control deadlines. PRO users are now able to see an overview of all the projects and a detailed view of the tasks and users distribution.
    Navigate to Reports > Projects and tell us what you think!

    Timesheets had a full revamp:

    • We now allow you to scroll horizontally for better readability.
    • You can order the report columns by drag and drop.
    • We also added a «task list» column.

    Some love for the co-workers:

    We enabled the Activity and Dashboard views for the co-workers.


    • An error that allowed you to add a task list inside another task list.
    • Time entry duplication in activity.
    • An error that refreshed the activity view while editing a note.
    • An error when adding multiple tasks in an empty project.
  • Aceleramos la búsqueda de tareas, agregamos más filtros en los reportes y navegación por teclas.

    Web, Chrome & Mac v4.33

    22 Dic 2016

    Mejoramos la búsqueda de tareas al menos en un 400% y la lista de proyectos.
    Agregamos navegación por teclado en todos los menús desplegables, en los proyectos y en las tareas. Simplemente desplázate utilizando tu teclado y presiona «enter» para seleccionar!
    Ahora puedes filtrar tus planillas por tareas cerradas y notas.

    Arreglos y mejoras:

    • El avatar muestra las iniciales del usuario correctamente.
    • Puedes remover la bandera de prioridad de un proyecto ????.
    • Puedes remover el cliente y servicio asignado a un proyecto.
    • Puedes remover el proyecto asignado a una tarea.
    • Para los ansiosos: bloqueamos el doble-click cuando se agrega una tarea.
    • Retocamos los colores del Dashboard (otra vez!) 🙂

    Tenemos más mejoras cocinándose!
    Hasta el año próximo! Felices Fiestas!

  • Calendario, Reportes Personalizados & muchas otras mejoras!

    Web, Chrome & Mac v4.32

    30 Nov 2016

    Ok! Esta actualización tiene muchas cosas, así que vamos por partes:


    • Ahora tienes una vista mensual para ver todos tus eventos! ????

    Informes Personalizados:

    • Agregamos una columna con la información de precio si la tarea es facturable.
    • Ahora puedes redondear los informes personalizados en 6, 15, 30 y 60 minutos.
    • También agregamos un atajo para seleccionar «Semana pasada» como período de tiempo. (Esto aplica también para Planillas y Dashboard ????).


    • Mejoramos los colores en los cuadros para distinguir mejor los usuarios, projectos, clientes y servicios.


    • Ahora puedes dejar los gráficos de insights abiertos mientras navegas Actividad, Planillas e Informes Personalizados.

    Errores y Mejoras:

    • Corregimos un error cuando se archiva un usuario desde la vista detallada.
    • Ahora cuando cambias al dueño de la cuenta, se refleja inmediatamente en Equipo.
    • Pasar el mouse sobre las notificaciones hacía que el logo se mueva sin control.
    • Un pequeño ajuste en el diseño de la lista de las entradas de tiempo para mejor lectura.
    • Los calendarios ahora muestran el día seleccionado adecuadamente.????
    • Ahora la última vista de tus tareas y calendario se guarda como predeterminado, así no tienes que cambiarla cada vez.
    • Arreglamos un error cuando se agregaban múltiples tareas.


  • Nuevas Integraciones!

    Tracking Button v1.8

    18 Nov 2016

    Esta semana agregamos Redmine, Remember the Milk, SupportPal, Glip, Google Tasks & Flow a la lista de integraciones de la extensión para chrome de TrackingTime!

    Cuéntanos cuál debería ser la próxima ????

  • Mejoramos la importación!

    Web, Chrome & Mac v4.31

    10 Nov 2016

    Mejoramos la importación a TrackingTime de tus time entries mucho más sencilla.
    Simplemente copia y pega desde Excel, Google Spreadsheets o Numbers. Iguala tus columnas con las nuestras  y listo!
    Pruebalo desde aquí o comparte el link con esos amigos que usan otro time tracker para que puedan pasar a TrackingTime sin perder todos sus datos????.

    También en esta version mejoramos el tiempo de carga de los reportes para aquellos que tienen muchisimas time entries y están buscando crear un reporte anual. (Si, a nuestros servidores les encanta ????)


  • Para los fans del detalle de Tareas

    Web, Chrome & Mac v4.30

    19 Oct 2016

    Agregamos una solapa de Actividad en el detalle de las tareas.
    Ahora puedes editar las entradas de tiempo desde ahi. Sólo agregalo!

    También en este lanzamiento:

    • Mejoramos el caché para la información del dashboard.
    • Agregamos un botón de recarga al dashboard.
    • Mejoramos el user tooltip.


  • Show me the money!

    Web, Chrome & Mac v4.29

    7 Oct 2016

    This update is all about Timesheets!

    • Money in your reports: now you can see the hourly rate and the total amount for the time worked!
    • Audits: allows you to review your time entries and helps you keep everything nice and clean.
    • Timesheet settings:
      • turn on/off the columns of your timesheet.
      • select the columns that you want to export to your PDF.

    Fixes in this version:

    • Improved the update of the dashboard when you edit a time entry.
    • Improved the speed of the timesheet.
    • Fix the select menus in the Dark mode.
    • Fixed a few scrolls in Windows.
    • Added a few missing translations.

    We know you are wondering what about Custom reports.
    Yep, we are taking all these improvements to it soon ????

  • Ahora en Negro!

    Web, Chrome & Mac v4.28

    19 Sep 2016

    Desde la versión 4.28 TrackingTime también viene en negro o podemos llamarlo «Azul espacial profundo con toques de rojo».

    Puedes probarlo yendo a «Preferencias» y seleccionando «Modo oscuro» en la sección «Monitor»
    (Por favor no nos pidas un tema «Rosa tornasolado», no lo haremos!????).

    Cosas nuevas en esta versión:

    • Volvimos a permitir el uso de LastPass
    • Agregamos la opción de redondeo de las Planillas de horas a 6 minutos para aquellos abogados que utilizan TrackingTime para cobrarle a sus clientes ⚖.
    • Muchos proyectos? Ahora puedes filtrar la lista de proyectos para ver sólo los que estes siguiendo.


    • Arreglamos el «policia» que generaba correo spam.
    • Se mejoró un problema generado al cambiar la contraseña.
    • Se solucionó un problema al cambiar la moneda de la cuenta.
    • Arreglamos el error que hacía que algunas tareas se vuelvan facturables.
    • La semana ahora comienza cuando se selecciona el reporte de esa semana.
    • Agregamos Dirección de Facturación al proceso de checkout.
    • Arreglamos el cierre de tareas.
    • Ahora cuando cierras la cuenta, automáticamente se detienen las tareas que estén corriendo.

  • Bienvenidos Any.do, Azendoo & Redbooth!

    Tracking Button v1.4

    6 Sep 2016

    Agregamos Any.do, Azendoo & Redbooth a las integraciones de la extensión para Chrome de TrackingTime!

    También en la versión 1.4:

    • Arreglamos un error con Todoist dentro de las tareas con comentarios.
    • Ahora puedes agregar cualquier dominio y aplicar una de nuestras reglas. De utilidad en la edición alojada de Jira.

  • Bookmark: guarda tus reportes & más notificaciones!

    Web, Chrome & Mac v4.27

    27 Ago 2016

    El botón Bookmark te permite guardar los Informes Personalizados así no tienes que volver a hacerlos una y otra vez! 😤
    Ahora te enviamos una notificación cuando una tarea o un proyecto excede el tiempo estimado.
    También presentamos al policia del tiempo «Time cop» que te envía un e-mail si te olvidas de detener el contador. 👮

    Algunas mejoras en v4.27 :

    • Arreglamos un error al reabrir tareas desde la vista de tareas cerradas.
    • Arreglamos un error al cerrar una sola notificación.

  • SlackBot!


    23 Ago 2016

    If you use Slack you will fall in ❤️ with our Bot!
    You can ask about your tasks, start and stop tracking, see what everybody is doing and many other actions right from Slack.
    Install the Bot from here, then type /tt help to see all available commands!

  • Agrega la fórmula de time tracking a Smartsheet

    TrackingTime Button V1.3

    17 Ago 2016

    Con el update 1.3 puedes trackear tu tiempo directamente desde Smartsheet usando una simple fórmula!
    En este artículo verás cómo funciona.

    También mejoramos:

    • La selección automática de proyecto en Trello.
    • Aceptación del % en las tareas de Asana.

  • Working on!

    Web, Chrome & Mac v4.26

    4 Ago 2016

    We just released  «Working On», a component that allows you to see what everybody is tracking on the activity tab and helps you avoid unnecessary interruptions asking «What you doin’?».  We also improved the refresh time of the project’s duration, no need to click that refresh button anymore 👏.

    Working on is only available for PRO accounts 💪

    Also in v4.26 :

    • We added Romanian! Thanks Victor for the translation! 🇷🇴 
    • Now you can change the task that you are currently tracking.
    • On signup we auto detect your language so your account uses your browser’s language if it’s available.
    • Fixed an error with the notifications where sometimes the description was empty.
    • Fixed an error with the sticky headers in the activity page.
    • Fixed an error when re-opening the task didn’t re-appear in your task list.
    • Fixed a problem when changing the project’s task it didn’t update the project view.
    • Improved mediaqueries for screen sizes between 1024px and 1280px so the task panel doesn’t overlaps.
    • We organized better the top right navigation.
    • Fixed issue in email weekly report where project managers would get the email even though they opted out.
    • Updated weekly report to avoid sending if no hours were tracked last week.
    • Removed unique constraint in task list names.
    • Added automatic email notifications when invoice payments fail.
    • Added account suspension when a payment fails for the third time in a row.
    • Removed automatic event breakup at midnight in tasks/sync endpoint.

  • Editar y eliminar entradas de tiempo de su parte de horas (1/4)

    Web, Chrome & Mac v4.25

    22 Jul 2016

    Lo sientimos, pero este es solo para PRO’s 😎

    Ahora puede eliminar y editar entradas de tiempo de sus hojas de tiempo, ¡no necesita ir a la pestaña de actividad para editar! (a menos que realmente quieras).
    Este es el primer paso para agregar edición masiva, más funciones próximamente 💪

  • Inline editing! (2/4)

    Web, Chrome & Mac v4.25

    22 Jul 2016

    You can click the little «Edit» Button by the side of your task to edit them, we really hope this will make your Tracking easier.

  • See your Project’s progress on your tasklist (3/4)

    Web, Chrome & Mac v4.25

    22 Jul 2016

    More information in your project list! Check your project’s progress and worked hours right from your tasklist.

    Also in v4.25

    • Added a permalink to your task when tracking from a third party task manager.
    • Fixed a problem when marking tasks as done didn’t toggle the mark as done button.
    • Fixed a problem with the invite link when using the resend invite button.
    • Reports when rounding now defaults to round up. Who rounds down, right?
    • Fixed a problem when adding a task list on an empty project.
    • We fixed some issues with the floating combo box that sometimes got stuck in the top left corner.
    • You can start your tasks right from the Activity tab.
    • Changed the play button color while inactive so you have a clear view of what you are tracking.

  • Ve lo que estás registrando directamente en tu pestaña (4/4)

    Web, Chrome & Mac v4.25

    22 Jul 2016

    Your tab now displays the name and duration of the task you are Tracking 👍

  • Go to your tasks right from the TrackingTime Button!

    Tracking Button v1.2

    13 Jul 2016

    This update saves your task permalink, so you can navigate right from the TrackingTime Button to your tasks.

    Also in v1.2:

    • Added Outlook.com
    • Fixed a problem with basecamp on the people’s page.
    • Fixed an issue that didn’t stopped the play icon when you stopped the task in the app.
    • Fixed a problem when a task has special characters

  • Timelines & Insights arrives to the activity tab!

    Web, Chrome & Mac v4.24

    9 Jul 2016

    Finally some love for the Activity tab!

    • Timelines will allow you to see how everybody is doing
    • Now user header’s pins up while you scroll so it’s easier to read your team’s time entries
    • Insights: see how your day is distributed across projects, customers and services

    Also in v4.24:

    • Now you can update your credit card right from your subscription page 👍💳
    • Activity is sorted by user name
    • Fixed a problem when you navigate to the following day and the task that you were tracking was displayed
    • Fixed the duplicated entry in your recent activity
    • Time entries can be created without assigning any task
    • We improved the activity polling so the view doesn’t re-render while you are editing
    • We fixed some minor issues on IE and Edge ( yep, there are still a few people using this browsers 😬)
    • Minor fix on the calendar so it displays «today» instead of the date.
    • For the users that keep the app open now the calendars gets updated when the day changes.
    • Insights updates when it’s open and you use filters on the timesheet or the custom reports

  • Insights for reports 🎯

    Web, Chrome & Mac v4.23

    24 Jun 2016

    Since v 4.23 PRO users can see automatic charts and analysis based on the data in your Timesheets and  Custom Reports using the Insights feature.

    Also in this version:

    • Fixed bug in verify account where the account status was sometimes incorrectly set to on_trial.
    • Fixed bug in resend invite where the link sent was incorrectly formatted.
    • Added Mandrill subaccount support in weekly email reports.
    • Fixed the task counter in the project view.
    • Fixed form buttons styles in calendar and update password form.
    • Added a refresh button on the Activity tab.
    • Fixed the app nav selector when navigating custom reports.



  • More fixes & clean ups in 4.22 👏

    Web, Chrome & Mac v4.22

    16 Jun 2016

    • Fixed an issue with the colored bullets on the project list.
    • Fixed an issue with the hamburger menu.
    • Added an Integrations button.
    • Added link to Product updates.
    • Fixed a problem in which some project managers were allowed to download csv with hourly rates.
    • Fixed a navigation problem that redirected the app to /undefined.
    • Fixed when adding a task in the project view, the added task stayed selected.
    • Fixed an issue when adding a task in “No project” the task didn’t show immediately.
    • Changed the “recent activity” icon to help users understand that they can display their time entries by clicking it.
    • Added the “PRO hint” on the time entrie’s notes.
    • Fixed a problem when you started to track in the activity panel, stop and then you wanted to edit the time entry.
    • Now when you start tracking on the activity tab, the tracking entry is placed first in the list.
    • Added day of the week in calendar and activity.
    • Added hover on tasks and projects.
    • Added space on AM/PM format on CSVs
    • We moved the “add to calendar option” to “my tasks” navigation.
    • Fixed an issue when creating a task, a duplicated was also created.

  • Turn off TrackingTime Button for selected Apps

    TrackingTime Button V1.1

    9 Jun 2016

    Now you can switch off the TrackingTime Button on selected apps, from the extension settings. Just Refresh your browser to apply the changes.

    We also included a Rate Us! option in the menu.🙏

  • Welcome Jira, Basecamp 3, BitBucket & Zendesk!

    Tracking Button v1.1

    8 Jun 2016

    This week we added Jira, Basecamp 3, BitBucket & Zendesk to the TrackingTime Button!
    Also we fixed the button for Trello & Github.

    Tell us which one should follow 💪

  • The Button is here!

    Tracking Button v1.0

    31 May 2016

    The TrackingTime Button is a Chrome Extension that allows you to integrate time tracking into your favourite productivity tools. You’ll find our Tracking Button seamlessly integrated in the UI of the project management or to-do app you love and use every day. Select one of your tasks, hit play and start tracking! All tracked tasks will be automatically synced with your TrackingTime account.

    Check all the integrations!

  • PDF and CSV Exports for Custom Reports

    Web, Chrome & Mac v4.21

    25 May 2016

    Custom reports allows you to choose different ways to filter and organize your timesheets.
    Select a date range, then create your Custom report by adding filters and playing with the logical operators.

    Since Version 4.21 PRO users are able to export Custom Reports to PDF and CSV.

    Soon: you will be able to save your custom reports configurations!

  • Edit start time while you are tracking.

    Web, Chrome & Mac v4.21

    25 May 2016

    You forgot to Track? Since v.4.21 you can edit the start time of the activity you are Tracking.

  • Fixes & Improvements

    Web, Chrome & Mac v4.21

    25 May 2016

    • Fixed an issue with the search.
    • Shadow boxes are closed by clicking on the greyed area (isn’t that the standard??👏)
    • Fixed a problem with the dropdown for sorting projects.
    • Fixed an issue that allowed account with more than 9 users to use the New TrackingTime without having a subscription. (sorry about this one 😊)
    • Added an space in the “Your are tracking” message.
    • Fixed multiple notifications issue when you didn’t close the app during the night.

  • Timesheets & PDF export.

    Web, Chrome & Mac v4.21

    25 May 2016

    CSV export:

    • We removed the option to export the «filtered time», now it just export the report as you have it set up.
    • Also fixed a locale problem in the hours column in the CSV export.

    PDF export:

    • We removed the start time and the end time to give it more space to the table.
    • Now it shows the total worked hours at the bottom
    • And we tweaked font sizes.

    One of our most used features is the Timesheets report, please send us ideas on how would you like us to improve it!

  • Minor Design tweaks!

    Web, Chrome & Mac v4.21

    25 May 2016

    We are constantly revising our UI, in this update we adjusted:

    • Hovers on input fields 😳
    • Improved empty messages.
    • Adjusted design on task & project forms.
    • Added dropdown on task list & and project list for advanced actions.
    • Remove the user’s avatar from the «My tasks» list (we didn’t need one, who else would it be?)

  • v4.20 It’s all about UI.

    Web, Chrome & Mac v4.20

    17 May 2016

    In this release we addressed many design issues!

    • Improved overall readability .
    • Adjusted signup form to prevent confusions with the login flow.
    • Added trim on email and password on login and signup.
    • Due date now ends at the end of the day instead of the begining.
    • Moved the error and success messages top the top.
    • Error messages are closed when the user click anywhere on the screen.
    • Now you can click on the “My Tasks” titles.
    • My activity is easier to close and doesn’t get stuck.
    • Fixed switch account issue for resolutions less that 768px.
    • Added Smart App banner for iPhone.
    • App nav closes automatically when resolution is less than 1024px.
    • Close to-do button was moved to the right.
    • Redesigned “my tasks” and “project” headers.
    • Fixed tracking indicator on tasks that have progress.
    • Fixed issue with dropping tasks on empty task lists.

    We had too many complaints about the red navigation, what do you think about it…
    Is the red too much for you too?

  • ¡Consíguelo en la App Store!

    9 May 2016

    Ahora todos los usuarios de nuestra aplicación Mac también pueden disfrutar del nuevo TrackingTime.
    Puedes descargarlo aquí.

  • Bugs, bugs & more bugs and some improvements(?)

    Web, Chrome & Mac v4.16, v4.18 & v4.19

    3 May 2016

    • Fixed compatibility with Mac App
    • When adding a user now it only shows the $4.99 message only when the account is subscribed.
    • Navigation : fixed issue when clicking the back button on  task detail
    • Reports: fixed reloading when using the filters
    • Reports: CSV and PDF export now uses the rounded values.
    • Users: Fixed a bug in maximum amount of users to invite.
    • Users: Fixed problem with multiple select with no value on add new task.
    • Fixed issue with calendars on resolutions less than 1024px
    • Fixed some typos
    • Now the select menus are properly aligned
    • Remember me  works on chrome apps
    • Added Mac support
    • Now profile image and csv upload manage error messages.
    • Change the style of the close task icons
    • Project and TaskList show selected task.
    • Design clean up.
    • Never came out, she wasn’t ready…
    • Fixed issues with CSV export on IE
    • Replaced null by empty in csv export
    • Fixed encoding issues with csv export
    • Fixed encoding issues with csv export using tab as separator.
    • Report export: selects by default the separator set up in the account
    • Added Estimated Hours, Due Date and Archived on CSV export
    Recent activity:
    • Fixed issue when clicking start tracking when new entry was added on the list.
    • Fixed project name wasn’t added on the activity.Fixed several typos.

  • Mouse + TouchScreen = Frozen

    Web & Chrome v4.12 & v4.15

    14 Abr 2016

    We just forgot that this kind of devices existed!
    After the 1st release we found many users that have touch screen + mouse devices. This made the app unresponsive and didn’t allow the users to interact with the buttons. Everything seemed «frozen» for them!

    This fix came in 3 separated versions, you never get it right working late night 😤