• TrackingTime

Working on!

We just released  «Working On», a component that allows you to see what everybody is tracking on the activity tab and helps you avoid unnecessary interruptions asking «What you doin’?».  We also improved the refresh time of the project’s duration, no need to click that refresh button anymore 👏.

Working on is only available for PRO accounts 💪

Also in v4.26 :

  • We added Romanian! Thanks Victor for the translation! 🇷🇴 
  • Now you can change the task that you are currently tracking.
  • On signup we auto detect your language so your account uses your browser’s language if it’s available.
  • Fixed an error with the notifications where sometimes the description was empty.
  • Fixed an error with the sticky headers in the activity page.
  • Fixed an error when re-opening the task didn’t re-appear in your task list.
  • Fixed a problem when changing the project’s task it didn’t update the project view.
  • Improved mediaqueries for screen sizes between 1024px and 1280px so the task panel doesn’t overlaps.
  • We organized better the top right navigation.
  • Fixed issue in email weekly report where project managers would get the email even though they opted out.
  • Updated weekly report to avoid sending if no hours were tracked last week.
  • Removed unique constraint in task list names.
  • Added automatic email notifications when invoice payments fail.
  • Added account suspension when a payment fails for the third time in a row.
  • Removed automatic event breakup at midnight in tasks/sync endpoint.