Reports for billing and payroll to reduce administrative work

The most flexible reporting engine for billing & payroll

With TrackingTime get all your reports in one place. Manage your business efficiently with project budgeting, client billing, payroll data, productivity analytics, and much more.

Company Reports

Analyze time spent on all customers, projects, and employees with company-wide timesheets. Get an overview of all your running projects, active clients you’re currently working for, as well as a breakdown of the services you’re offering to them.

Group, filter, sort and more

Group time entries together, sort them according to your needs and filter out unnecessary data using advanced operators. Save all your settings into report templates for future reference.

Project Reports

Stay on top of all your running projects with a live dashboard that helps you prioritize tasks, stay focused, and allocate time efficiently.

Billing Reports

Don’t leave money on the table. Create detailed timesheets for every single hour you have worked and bill your clients easily.

export your reports

Payroll Reports

Whether your payroll is weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly: TrackingTime makes creating timesheets to track your employee’s hours a breeze.

timesheets into reports

Timesheets for invoicing

Keep your data organized, export timesheets for reporting in any format you need (.xls, .csv, .pdf), and share them with colleagues or clients. Get paid faster creating accurate invoices!

The most flexible reporting engine

See how your team is distributing their time between projects or how many hours their clients are really costing them by measuring and evaluating data in depth.

Get powerful reports and easily share them with employees and clients! Give it a Try