Task and project management

Organize your team’s work

Improve teamwork, communication and leadership. Assign tasks, delegate responsibilities and monitor the progress of your projects.

Billable vs. non-billable tasks

Learn how much time your team spends on meetings, answering emails and other non-billable tasks and improve the profitability of your projects.

Make common tasks public

Assign common tasks like “Meetings”, “Email” or “Customer Support” to all project members — or to your whole team! — in just one click by making them public.

Assign tasks to multiple people

Unlike most task management apps like Asana, Trello or Todoist, TrackingTime allows you to assign a task to multiple people. Every task assignee will then be able to track their own hours towards a common, shared goal.

Due dates and deadlines

Set due dates for your projects and tasks and sync them automatically with your favorite calendar app like Google Calendar or Outlook.

Granular user roles and permissions

Use user roles (admins, project managers, coworkers) and advanced permissions to set up different access levels to projects tasks for different groups of users.