ClickUp Integration via Zapier

Track your time directly from ClickUp via Zapier

With the TrackingTime integration via Zapier, enhance ClickUp with time tracking. Discover the power of Zapier’s pre-built templates to generate automatic timesheets and unlock TrackingTime analytics.

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About clickup time tracking

The ClickUp integration through Zapier allows you to connect your time tracking data to your project management application. It automates the transfer of time tracking data to your project management software, saving you time and reducing manual errors.

How does the integration work?

By setting up "Zaps" (automated workflows) through Zapier, you can ensure that your time tracked and tasks you worked on are accurately recorded in ClickUp, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Are there any pre-made templates for this integration?

Yes, you can try out pre-made templates of Zap samples to implement for your accounts, including sending tasks via Zapier from TrackingTime to ClickUp.

How do I set up the TrackingTime and ClickUp integration via Zapier?

Follow these steps:
1. Sign Up for TrackingTime and Zapier accounts if you haven't already.
2. Create a Zap in your Zapier account.
3. Connect your TrackingTime and ClickUp accounts and grant permissions to Zapier.
4. Configure your trigger and action criteria.
5. Map fields to ensure accurate data transfer.
6. Test the Zap to ensure it works correctly.
7. Activate the Zap to start automating your time-tracking data to ClickUp.

What ClickUp triggers are supported in this integration?

Supported ClickUp triggers include New Folder, New Task, New List, Task Changes, New Checklist, Create Folder, Create List, Post a Task Comment, Time Tracked, Post Attachment, Create Subtask, Create Task, Update Task, App Extensions (Beta), API Request (Beta), Find Task by Custom Fields, and Find Task by ID, Find User by Name or Email.

What TrackingTime actions are supported in this integration?

Supported TrackingTime actions include Project Added/Updated, Task Added/Updated, Customer Added, On Task Completed, Time Entry Added/Updated, Add Time Entry, Add Task, Search Time Entries, Search Tasks, Update Project, Add Customer, Add Service, Add Project, Search Projects, Update Time Entry, and Update Task.


Start tracking time in ClickUp via Zapier

Add time tracking to ClickUp via Zapier by following these three simple steps. Setup only takes a few minutes.


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Sign up for TrackingTime and Zapier accounts. An all-in-one solution to manage your business operations. Track time, monitor projects, meet internal and external requirements, report everything, and much more!

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Create your Zap

In your Zapier account, click "Create Zap" and follow the steps. Next, connect your TrackingTime and ClickUp accounts.

Create your Zap

Connect, match and automate

Grant access to Zapier, customize your trigger and action criteria to activate Zap. Match your TrackingTime data to ClickUp fields, test Zap for accuracy, and enable it to automate your time tracking in ClickUp.

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Add time tracking to the apps you use every day

Synchronize TrackingTime with the tools your team uses every day to adapt to their work habits. This way, they can track every minute without having to switch between apps.



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Automatic time tracking for ClickUp via Zapier

Connect accounts, configure, match fields, test, activate and track all your work in ClickUp via Zapier.

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