Track Your Time Right from Microsoft Power BI

Track Your Time Right from Microsoft Power BI

With the TrackingTime import feature, enhance Power BI with time tracking.

Effortlessly import your time entries from TrackingTime into Power BI.

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About Power BI

Microsoft Power BI integration with TrackingTime allows you to import your time entries from TrackingTime into Power BI, enabling you to analyze and visualize your time-tracking data effectively.

How do I set up the integration between TrackingTime and Power BI?

To set up the integration, first ensure you have both TrackingTime and Power BI accounts. Then, within TrackingTime, navigate to the integration or app settings, and follow the instructions to connect your TrackingTime data with Power BI.

What kind of insights and reports can I generate using the TrackingTime and Power BI integration?

The integration allows you to create comprehensive reports and visualizations using your time tracking data. You can analyze employee productivity, project timelines, billable hours, and more. The possibilities are vast, and you can customize your reports to suit your specific business needs.

Is there an additional cost associated with integrating TrackingTime with Power BI?

No, this integration is available for free.


Start Tracking Time in Power BI

Add time tracking to Power BI by following these six simple steps.
Setup takes only a couple of minutes.


Download the Power BI File

As an initial setup, start by downloading the Power BI file.

Download link

Open Power BI and Generate an App Password

Open the downloaded file using Power BI. Then, in TrackingTime, generate an app password.

Generate an app password

Connect to TrackingTime

Return to Power BI and connect to TrackingTime. with the user name API_TOKEN and the app password generated in Step 2. Then click "Connect."

Connect to TrackingTime

Configure the Web Data Source

To access web data, click "Home" in the top menu, then select "Get Data" and opt for "Web" in the data retrieval window. Configure the Web Data Source with specifics: URL parts and set the HTTP request header to application/json.

Configure the Web Data Source

Format the Data and Merge All Pages

Follow the provided instructions to format the JSON data into a table and create a function to merge all pages using the provided code.

Format and merge

Create Visualizations and Gain Insights

With your web data imported into Power BI, you can proceed to create visualizations, analyze the data, and build reports to gain insights from your TrackingTime time entries.

Visualize and gain insights


Add Time Tracking to the Apps You Use Every Day

Sync TrackingTime with the tools your team uses every day to fit their work habits.
This way, they can keep track of every minute without switching between apps.

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Power BI Time Tracking

Automatic Time Tracking for Power BI

Import your time entries from TrackingTime into Power BI and
create visualizations and gain insights of your work.

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