Features Everything you need to take your digital product business to the new heights.
Time Tracking
Track time on every platform (web, desktop and mobile)
Slack Bot
Track time in 50+ business apps (Asana, Smartsheet, Trello and more)
Add time manually
Email and in-app reminders and notifications
Track tasks, projects and clients
Billable and non-billable hours
Add recurring time entries
Import time entries
Edit time entries in batch
Time Management
Day calendar view
Week, month and team calendar views
View and edit time for your team members
Work schedules
Automatic time audits
Set time estimates for projects and tasks
Sync due dates with your calendar
Integrate with Google Calendar
Integrate with Microsoft Outlook
Export to CSV
Export to PDF and Excel
Company and project dashboards
Projects report
Saved reports
Report data visualizations
Shared Reports
Historical rates and costs
Weekly email reports
Group and filter data by clients, employees and more
Time rounding
Branded reports with your company logo
Timecards with extra hours and paid time off
Task and Project Management
Tasks Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Projects Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Files 100MB 10GB / user Unlimited
Unlimited clients
Board view
Timeline view
Project notes
Duplicate tasks and projects
Set tasks and projects priorities
Projects access control
Add task comments
Add subtasks
Add billable rates
Mark time entries as billed
Project colors
Team and Account Management
User roles and permissions
Real-time activity monitoring
Audit logs
Custom fields
Client database
Employee database
Microsoft Azure SSO
99% Uptime SLA
Priority Support
Concierge Onboarding and training
Custom GDRP Data Processing Addendum
Custom automations and integrations