Bugs, bugs & more bugs and some improvements(?)

  • Fixed compatibility with Mac App
  • When adding a user now it only shows the $4.99 message only when the account is subscribed.
  • Navigation : fixed issue when clicking the back button on  task detail
  • Reports: fixed reloading when using the filters
  • Reports: CSV and PDF export now uses the rounded values.
  • Users: Fixed a bug in maximum amount of users to invite.
  • Users: Fixed problem with multiple select with no value on add new task.
  • Fixed issue with calendars on resolutions less than 1024px
  • Fixed some typos
  • Now the select menus are properly aligned
  • Remember me  works on chrome apps
  • Added Mac support
  • Now profile image and csv upload manage error messages.
  • Change the style of the close task icons
  • Project and TaskList show selected task.
  • Design clean up.
  • Never came out, she wasn’t ready…
  • Fixed issues with CSV export on IE
  • Replaced null by empty in csv export
  • Fixed encoding issues with csv export
  • Fixed encoding issues with csv export using tab as separator.
  • Report export: selects by default the separator set up in the account
  • Added Estimated Hours, Due Date and Archived on CSV export
Recent activity:
  • Fixed issue when clicking start tracking when new entry was added on the list.
  • Fixed project name wasn’t added on the activity.Fixed several typos.