• TrackingTime

Calendar, Custom reports & many other improvements!

Ok! this update has a lot so let’s break it down into pieces:


  • Now you can see the time entries of an entire month! ????

Custom Reports:

  • We added a billing information column.
  • Now you can round you custom reports at 6, 15, 30 and 60 minutes.
  • Also we added a shortcut to select “last week” as date range. (This applies to Custom Reports, Timesheets and Dashboard ????).


  • Improved the colors for the user, project, customer and services line charts to make differences more noticeable.


  • Now you can keep your insights open while navigating Activities, Reports and Custom reports.

Bugs and Improvements:

  • Fixed an error when archiving a user from the detail view.
  • When changing the owner, now it’s reflected immediately on the team list.
  • Hover over the notifcations made the logo move around like crazy.
  • Small design change on the time entries list for better readability.
  • Calendars now properly display the selected day.????
  • Now the last view of your tasks and your calendar is saved as your default view, so you don’t have to switch every time.
  • Fixed an issue when adding multiple tasks.