Custom fields, attachments, scheduled events and other improvements.


  • Custom fields: add additional fields to your tasks, hours and projects and track anything you want. Available fields are: dropdown, text, currency, date, number and boolean.
  • Attachments: upload files to your projects and hours of up to 100MB in PRO accounts with a maximum of 10GB per user and 5MB per user up to 100MB total in Free accounts.
  • Project notes: write guidelines, overviews and explanations about your project so that your team is in sync.
  • Scheduled events: add events in the future and mark them as done only if they took place. Recommended for team meetings and client meetings.


  • Project view: now includes tabs to display the different project information: board, list, files, notes, report.
  • Task lists archive: close and reopen task lists anytime.
  • Task details view: redesigned to include two tabs for information and hours. The comments field for collaboration is relocated to the bottom of the panel.
  • Board improvement: better cards design for more readability.
  • Removed Docs tab: shared reports are relocated under the Reports tab and Invoices under the Manage tab.