• TrackingTime

Go deeper with project reports.

Project reports:

In this update we entirely redesigned the Project reports, now it’s easier to anticipate overtime and control deadlines. PRO users are now able to see an overview of all the projects and a detailed view of the tasks and users distribution.
Navigate to Reports > Projects and tell us what you think!

Timesheets had a full revamp:

  • We now allow you to scroll horizontally for better readability.
  • You can order the report columns by drag and drop.
  • We also added a “task list” column.

Some love for the co-workers:

We enabled the Activity and Dashboard views for the co-workers.


  • An error that allowed you to add a task list inside another task list.
  • Time entry duplication in activity.
  • An error that refreshed the activity view while editing a note.
  • An error when adding multiple tasks in an empty project.