• TrackingTime

v4.20 It’s all about UI.

In this release we addressed many design issues!

  • Improved overall readability .
  • Adjusted signup form to prevent confusions with the login flow.
  • Added trim on email and password on login and signup.
  • Due date now ends at the end of the day instead of the begining.
  • Moved the error and success messages top the top.
  • Error messages are closed when the user click anywhere on the screen.
  • Now you can click on the “My Tasks” titles.
  • My activity is easier to close and doesn’t get stuck.
  • Fixed switch account issue for resolutions less that 768px.
  • Added Smart App banner for iPhone.
  • App nav closes automatically when resolution is less than 1024px.
  • Close to-do button was moved to the right.
  • Redesigned “my tasks” and “project” headers.
  • Fixed tracking indicator on tasks that have progress.
  • Fixed issue with dropping tasks on empty task lists.

We had too many complaints about the red navigation, what do you think about it…
Is the red too much for you too?