• TrackingTime

Makeover and More!

New App Style and Tasks Section Redesign

In addition to the app makeover we have improved the Tasks section: navigate the left panel by Task, Project and Team. Now you are able to see the tasks assigned to each user. We have also adjusted the tasks priority icons to differentiate them from the project’s colors (more project’s colors to come!)

Tasks and Projects Selector

When selecting a task and project from the timer to start tracking or adding a new time entry you will be able to choose between your recent activity. You will still be able to see all your tasks and projects and even set your favorites to see them at the top of the list.

Shared Tasks and Project Permissions

When sharing a task the user selector is better organized and displays a separate list between users with access to the project and users without it.

New Permissions

Break down of advanced permissions for Co-workers. Edit tasks and Edit projects can be selected separately this way you can allow users to create and mark tasks as done and prevent them to create projects.

Work schedules

We redesigned the whole section so it’s easier to create and define them.

In the next few weeks we’ll continue with the design update, we hope you like it and send feedback!