New Reports & Historic Rates and Costs support

New Reports

Dashboard, Projects, and Users Reports have been completely redesigned to display more and better data. At the top of each report, a summary of totals for the selected period is presented. All charts and tables have been redesigned, including information on scheduled time entries, work schedules, custom fields, time-off, rates, and costs.

Highlights: The reports offer enhanced information by integrating work schedules and scheduled time entries, providing deeper insights. View charts incorporating your custom fields.

Rates & Costs (formerly money mode)

At the team level: We’ve added support for historical pricing and costs. At the project level: Added support for hourly rates, fixed prices, and non-billable charges. At the task level: Introduced options to utilize the individual’s hourly rate, custom hourly rates for specific tasks, and non-billable rates.

Highlights: Now, you can precisely reflect your billing process using a combination of user-friendly options. Whether charging by the hour at a fixed rate per project, using different hourly rates for team members, or applying a total fixed price for a project, you’ll have the flexibility to do so. The inclusion of historical user rates and costs allows a more comprehensive understanding of how your costs impact long-term projects. All this information is reflected across all your reports when Rates & Costs are enabled.