Now in black!

Since version 4.28 TrackingTime also comes in black or we can call it “Deep space blue with touches of red”.
Give it a try going to “Settings” and check “Dark mode”.
( Please don’t request a “Rose gold” theme, we won’t do it! ???? ).

New stuff in this version:

  • We allowed again the use of LastPass
  • We added a rounding option to 6 minutes for all the attorneys that are using TrackingTime to bill their clients ⚖.
  • Too many projects? You can filter your project list to see only the ones that you are following.


  • We fixed an issue that made the “time cop” spam some of you.
  • An issue when you updated your password.
  • A problem updating the currency for your account.
  • An error that made some tasks roll back to billable.
  • Week starts on when selecting a report for this week.
  • Added Billing Address to checkout process.
  • Fixed close task. Now removing tracking event if task was running
  • Improved close account to automatically stop any running tasks