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We have paid close attention to your suggestions and feedback and in this update we want to introduce you to some changes we made to New Timesheets reports that you are gonna love!

In this release:

  • We have redesigned the table layout to facilitate the reading of your data.😍
  • New PDF export design:👉 Your reports are much easier to understand, the grouped data is better organized, the notes are displayed in columns.
    We added page numbers and header in each page of your report!
  • Table columns: When grouping your data, the first column freezes for a better analysis of your time entries.💪 Columns size can be adjusted according to your preferences. You can drag and drop between columns to rearrange their order.
  • We have changed the Duration column format to HH:MM:SS in the export files to eliminate the discrepancies between the app time entrie┬┤s totals and the export file totals.⏰
  • A new group has been created:📆 Now you can group your time entries by Week number.
  • We have included a Refresh Button for Timesheets just like we have in the other sections and the Rounding Button is more visible than it was before.🙌
  • Your data loads much more faster now ✨so getting time entries from long periods of time ago will no longer be a headache.
  • Also, we have improved the collapsing method so you don┬┤t miss any information in your reports and upgraded the Excel exports to xlsx files!😊

Tasks are 4x faster⚡️: we rolled back up the optimization for tasks!