Task descriptions. Fixes and more.

We’ve finally added task descriptions 🙌😊

You will now have the ability to add details, lists, links and text. Plus we’ve made many improvements in the interface that will make your work easier. Find out about the enhancements and fixes:


  • We’ve limited the display of task names in the list to a single line. This makes them more readable and easy to find.
  • The actions of add task, add multiple tasks and add task list have been condensed into the + button.
  • Right-clicking on a task name brings up the contextual editing menu.
  • Hitting enter on the name of a task list a new task is created below.
  • The layout of the task tabs is adjusted for better readability.
  • Tasks are aligned with task lists. Typography and height of the list were changed to improve readability.
  • We’ve moved the task lists contextual editing menu to the left to make it easier to remove them.
  • Improved list performance in small screens.
  • User avatars are enlarged.
  • The click action on tasks has been improved not to miss the task detailed view.
  • The tasks and project selector list was extended.

Project list:

  • We hide the progress bar if the project doesn’t have tracked hours.


  • We’ve fixed the logo and background for PDF prints.
  • We’ve corrected and unified currencies.


  • We give you the ability to delete several tasks and hours at once by selecting them and pressing the delete key.
  • Pressing enter you can: save an event and give OK in the confirmation screen.


  • Timesheets: grouping is saved for free accounts when refreshing the page or switching tabs.
  • Asana: when navigating within the floating screen it no longer displays a non-existing page.
  • Tasks user selector: it now clears the search after clicking on a user.
  • Add task: the list doesn’t scroll up anymore.
  • Timer: fixed the display when a long task was tracked.
  • Error signs: they are automatically closed after 8 secs.
  • “No stacked” Hours mode: now navigation starts at 9:00 AM.