Timelines & Insights arrives to the activity tab!

Finally some love for the Activity tab!

  • Timelines will allow you to see how everybody is doing
  • Now user header’s pins up while you scroll so it’s easier to read your team’s time entries
  • Insights: see how your day is distributed across projects, customers and services

Also in v4.24:

  • Now you can update your credit card right from your subscription page 👍💳
  • Activity is sorted by user name
  • Fixed a problem when you navigate to the following day and the task that you were tracking was displayed
  • Fixed the duplicated entry in your recent activity
  • Time entries can be created without assigning any task
  • We improved the activity polling so the view doesn’t re-render while you are editing
  • We fixed some minor issues on IE and Edge ( yep, there are still a few people using this browsers 😬)
  • Minor fix on the calendar so it displays “today” instead of the date.
  • For the users that keep the app open now the calendars gets updated when the day changes.
  • Insights updates when it’s open and you use filters on the timesheet or the custom reports