TrackingTime Version v5 🚀

We are very happy to announce that we’ve started rolling out a whole new TrackingTime with a refined design. We’ve introduced significant improvements to enhance the UX based on our users feedback.

Enjoy the biggest TrackingTime update ever! 😍

See all that’s new:

A restructured UI

  • Moved the navigation bar to the top to expand the workspace and better organize features.
  • Dashboard and Timesheets can now be found inside Reports.
  • The Timer moved to the right corner.
  • Support chat and App Version are now on the upper corner Menu.
  • Search field is relocated next to the navigation bar.
  • Notifications icon appears only if you have notifications.

New style in all sections, icons and charts

  • New look, colors and shapes: full redesign to provide a better clean and consistent interface.

Better project management

  • Added pagination in My Tasks to facilitate navigation.
  • Added a Mark as Done green button to the left of the task.
  • New ability to collapse task lists.
  • Aligned all the task data on the same task line.
  • Added priority colors next to the project’s name and the ability to edit them.
  • New link to the project in the project’s names in My Tasks.
  • Improved client and project division among tasks.
  • New light gray color to display closed tasks replacing the strikethrough text.
  • Added link to project reports in project’s menu.
  • Added project progress percentage in projects with estimated time.
  • Fixed task lists drag and drop capability.


  • New shortcut to edit the task from the event form.
  • Included client name to each event if applicable.

Export charts and diagrams

  • Ability to print out insights graphs in PDF.

Project Reports new look

  • Followed projects are located at the top of the report in colored boxes.
  • Added project progress percentage to the project box.
  • Projects detailed view: added project summary box, users cards now scroll to the right, included more information about tasks -shared with, creation date, priority- added mark task as done button and removed tasks progress bar.

Faster and more efficient UX

  • Fixed small bugs.
  • Data loads up to 5x faster ⚡