Tracking time and attendance is no easy task, especially if you’re still using Excel or paper to track your employees’ clock in and out times. Discover the top 9 benefits of using automatic time cards and say goodbye to old-fashioned timesheets.

Attendance Tracking

Is the control of your employees’ work hours a sheet of paper that they deliver every week? Do you still use spreadsheets to track clock-ins and out times at your company? Then it’s probably time for you to start thinking about having a better system in place to streamline this process and save time and money.

Payroll time card process is specifically designed to help you do just that. Do you know what a time card is? simple, it’s a method for recording and tracking the amount of an employee’s time spent on each job.

Improve project execution, decision-making, and compliance with labor and government regulations and can benefit not only companies but also their employees.

We have compiled a list of the 9 main advantages of this method. Check them out!

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Why Time Cards Help Boost Productivity?

  1. Employee time cards are an excellent tool to maximize the productivity and profitability of companies, in addition to allowing better control of labor costs.
  2. By using work time cards to measure employees, you can analyze all the resources of the workforce that a company has, streamlining and improving your administrative processes.
  3. Analyzing time and attendance will be simpler and more precise because being an automated system you will only need to consult them at the moment you need them.
  4. You’ll be able to control the assistance of workers, delays, breaks, and overtime worked.
  5. Reduction of the workload of administrative employees, since the automation of tasks, will allow employees to dedicate that time to more productive tasks.
  6. By controlling overtime, breaks, and permits, employees will be benefited, as they will know how much is the value of their work and how much corresponds to their salary payment.
  7. Reduce the time used by workers to clock in and clock out. This is one of the great advantages of automatic time tracking, as it facilitates the cumbersome task of filing schedules in excel or manually.
  8. Increase the security of the employees because by reducing the time of control and monitoring the workers are more efficient, increase their productivity, and are more committed to their work.
  9. They allow you to discover the most productive schedules of each worker, thanks to this system you can organize the schedules of each employee, allowing to make agreements and proposals of schedules and margins of entry and exit.

Benefits of Using Time Cards

With TrackingTime’s Time cards, everybody wins, as it benefits not only the employer but the employee.

You can improve the monitoring of your employees, eliminate absenteeism, and maintain order in the payment of payroll automatically which will result in a significant increase in productivity.


What are time cards and how do they work?

They are used to track and record employee work hours and activities. They work by having employees log their start and end times, breaks, and specific tasks performed during the workday. This information helps monitor productivity and manage employee work hours effectively.

What are the benefits of using time cards?

They offer several advantages. They provide accurate tracking of employee work hours, simplifying payroll processing. Time cards also offer insights into productivity, task distribution, and resource allocation. Additionally, they aid in project management by allowing managers to monitor progress and ensure timely task completion.

How do you calculate time cards?

It involves adding up the hours worked based on the recorded start and end times, accounting for breaks and overtime. This calculation is crucial for payroll and assessing employee productivity accurately.

Why are automatic time cards better than manual time cards?

Automatic time cards surpass manual ones in various aspects. They use technology for precise tracking. They eliminate manual calculations, provide real-time data, and seamlessly integrate with other systems, streamlining administrative tasks.

What benefits can time cards bring to your company?

They significantly enhance operational efficiency and workforce management, ensuring transparency in tracking employee attendance, fair compensation, and efficient resource planning. Furthermore, they assist in identifying areas for process improvement, enabling better decision-making and maximizing overall productivity.

What are the key uses of time cards?

They serve multiple purposes within a company. They help monitor employee attendance, ensure compliance with labor regulations, and accurately calculate wages. And are also invaluable for project management, tracking billable hours, evaluating productivity levels, and generating reports for budgeting and forecasting purposes.

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