CRM Software: Boost Your Company’s Productivity in Times of Pandemic

Although we live in uncertain times, the future was ahead of us. It seems like a paradox. Faced with the pandemic’s confinement and restrictions, there was nothing left but to place trust in online sales. Next, we will tell you how CRM software has become the ally of those who had to transform their business to survive.

A CRM Software to Overcome COVID-19

The health crisis forced people to generate two new habits. On the one hand, those who distrustfully make online payments take away their fear and turn to eCommerce to satisfy their needs. On the other hand, business owners with physical establishments migrate their brand to a digital platform to not disappear.

This digital transformation made some Latin American countries evolve two years on average in electronic commerce. In turn, eCommerce will register exponential growth in sales of up to 300%.

If users came to online stores on their own, the goal would be to retain them. Practicality, ease of purchase, and reception to the door of their homes are not enough since the sales funnel includes a whole process marked by that eCommerce that provides the best customer experience, hence the importance of implementing CRM software.

If too many customers have come to your eCommerce and manage them to turn into chaos, it is ideal for implementing CRM software. An innovative and intuitive interface will help you achieve sales more efficiently and control your customers’ information and achieve the desired conversions thanks to the success of their loyalty.

A CRM is more than software. It is a complete management, communication, and sales strategy with an optimal cost-benefit investment for large and small, and medium-sized companies regardless of their business line. Helps streamline sales processes. From the moment a user has the first contact with your brand and provide timely and personalized attention to all your customers.

A CRM for SMBs is synonymous with productivity and will provide you with the following benefits:

  1. Connect your CRM systems to your website: You will manage your entire client database with automation so that commercial agents have a single click of updated information in real-time from customers. And they can follow up on their demands thanks to reminders and alerts.
  2. Create efficient workflows: Automation based on artificial intelligence. Through chatbots, they can start customer service regardless of the time. If there is a major problem with the client, direct the demands to the appropriate commercial agent.
  3. Effective communication with your community and customers: A CRM can send mass emails and personalized messages. This way, you avoid losing business opportunities by taking advantage of each occasion to disseminate important information and promotions.
  4. You will never overwork: You should integrate your company’s calendar, email, and the system to increase productivity without losing information from potential customers.
  5. Facilitates decision-making: Having the relevant information at the right time helps you measure the quality of customer service. And track performance to apply improvements to the sales funnel.
  6. Optimize sales processes: As the cycles of each stage of the sale are shorter, the conversion rates with lead nurturing strategies are better. For instance, recruiters use a recruitment CRM to nurture relationships with candidates and clients. This type of specific, niche CRM helps recruiters fast track their hiring processes, eliminates manual, repetitive tasks like sending updates to candidates, reports to clients, and allow recruiters to deliver excellent candidate and client relationships.

A CRM software will be the best strategy to implement in eCommerce to boost sales exponentially. And it optimizes the commercial department, centralizing all the customer data. It provides a global vision to give them the personalized attention they so desire. It almost always becomes more important than the product or service itself. And the determinant to complete the purchase.

Much More than a CRM Software

If your company has detailed information in the CRM software, they will always have the precise data to know each client. This, in turn, will translate into more personalized relationships; and with this, access to centralized data will improve the customer experience.

A CRM will make your customers feel special. You will attend to your customers’ needs will at all times, and they will receive offers of value. To be concise, here’s the added value that the integration of this software will provide:

  1. Organization
  2. Control
  3. Knowledge
  4. Forecast
  5. Scalability

Selling intelligently, optimizing the sales funnel with an integrated CRM software boosts your business needs to achieve greater productivity regardless of the world situation.

The pandemic brought with it the boom in digital commerce. Everything that happened on the internet was enhanced. And getting the most out of it will be what makes your business more profitable. The users are already there, and now the goal will be for them to stay.

CRM has the advantage that it allows us to dedicate ourselves to creating valuable relationships with each client to encourage loyalty, and grow as entrepreneurs and companies.”

Jacqueline Phillips, Marketing Director at amoCRM

The goal is to continue generating income, and the best way to achieve this is by automating the processes. A CRM is capable of increasing your company’s productivity by 50% or more. In addition to everything mentioned, it will help you identify potential customers without wasting time. And to have a global vision of all their actions.

Your Best Ally to Manage Clients Effortlessly

The benefits of CRM offer you an overview of the sales funnels in action. You can identify each client’s progress with a preview of their task’s status. And have an overview of the status of sales. Also, keep your entire sales team organized, trained, and focused on meeting the objectives set.

Responding quickly to prospects and driving sales is possible with a single customer management software. This will allow you always to be connected and ready to generate more conversions.

Forget searching for the answer, copying and pasting it repeatedly to answer customer questions. Now with the chatbots of CRM software, it is possible to respond instantly to the users’ most typical questions. However, human operability in certain situations will remain essential.

Without a doubt, the pandemic came to revolutionize electronic commerce to benefit entrepreneurs. Now they have an eCommerce and having CRM software as an ally, and they will see their sales grow exponentially.

About the author:

David Nieto is Content Manager for Latin America at amoCRM, a tool to optimize the business through conversational sales.

What is a CRM?

“Customer Relationship Management” is a system used to implement 360 business management, centralizing all contracts between the customer and the company.

What is the use of implementing a CRM?

It facilitates the commercial management of a large volume of contacts and allows the segmentation of prospects to apply differentiated marketing actions, among other benefits.

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