Dive into AutoTrack, the Automatic Time Tracking Solution by TrackingTime

We understand that keeping track of time can be a challenging daily endeavor. At TrackingTime, we’ve got your back with AutoTrack, an innovative feature within our desktop app designed to improve the way you track and manage your time.

automatic time tracking with AutoTrack

Get ready to experience a solution that will boost your efficiency and hold you accountable like never before. Using AutoTrack you’ll say goodbye to manual time tracking and embrace effortless time management. Let AutoTrack streamline the way you work and help you reclaim valuable time for what truly matters: actual work.

AutoTrack for Small Business Team Managers or Owners

First, small business team managers and SMB owners will find AutoTrack to be a time-tracking solution, fostering a culture of trust and autonomy within their organizations. Implementing AutoTrack can be beneficial for managers or SMB owners as follows:

Track Time, Not People

To emphasize trustworthy relationships between managers and employees, AutoTrack focuses on the core aspect of time tracking rather than monitoring individuals. It recognizes that productivity and accountability are best achieved through a foundation of trust and autonomy. By shifting the focus to time tracking, AutoTrack allows employees to take ownership of their work hours without feeling micromanaged or scrutinized. Managers can bet on their team members to deliver results, building a healthy work culture that encourages responsibility and professional growth.

Build a Positive Company Culture

AutoTrack provides an opportunity for managers to proactively cultivate a work environment centered on employee autonomy and mutual respect. By implementing AutoTrack, managers send a powerful message that they value their employees’ time and trust their commitment to their work. With AutoTrack, employees feel empowered and respected, knowing that their managers rely on them to manage their time effectively. This promotes a positive company culture where individuals are motivated to excel and take ownership of their responsibilities.

Avoid Intrusive Measures:

AutoTrack eliminates the need for invasive time tracking methods that can compromise employee privacy. Unlike solutions that rely on intrusive measures such as taking screenshots, monitoring employees, or engaging in spying activities, AutoTrack respects the personal boundaries of individuals. By removing the need for invasive measures, AutoTrack fosters an atmosphere of transparency. Employees can focus on their work without the fear of constant surveillance, resulting in increased productivity, job satisfaction, and overall well-being in the workplace.

In contrast to competitors such as Everhour and Hubstaff that employ screen recording, micromanagement, screenshots, and monitoring, AutoTrack offers a more respectful approach, enabling managers to build positive rapport with their teams.

AutoTrack for Employees 

Secondly, as an employee, being accountable for your work time is essential. However, the time tracking process shouldn’t burden you. That’s where AutoTrack comes in, offering a range of benefits tailored to your needs:

Privacy: Your Information, Your Confidentiality

AutoTrack ensures that your data remains confidential and is exclusively visible to you. Rest easy knowing that your privacy is protected throughout the time tracking process.

Automatic: Effortless Tracking, No Manual Hassle

Say goodbye to tedious manual tracking. AutoTrack seamlessly records your computer activity, eliminating the need for you to constantly log your hours. Focus on your work, and let AutoTrack handle the rest.

Transparency: Data Storage You Can Rely on

With AutoTrack, all your data is stored locally on your computer. This means that your information doesn’t travel over the Internet, ensuring maximum data security and confidentiality.

Accuracy: Load Hours with Precision and Ease

Manual input errors can be a thing of the past. By logging your computer activity, AutoTrack empowers you to load your hours more accurately and without the immediate need for manual input. Stay on top of your time management effortlessly.

AutoTrack for Remote Workers and Freelancers

Last but not least, remote or hybrid workers and freelancers, often dealing with multiple time zones and clients, can greatly benefit from AutoTrack’s features.

Here we explore some key advantages for remote or hybrid workers and freelancers:

  • Personal productivity assistant: Acting as a time-tracking sidekick, AutoTrack helps you allocate specific time slots for tasks and projects, enabling you to stay focused on what is truly important.
  • Confidentiality and mechanization: AutoTrack ensures the utmost privacy and automatically tracks your time spent on different tasks.
  • Time blocking techniques by client or timezone: AutoTrack offers advanced time blocking capabilities, allowing you to optimize your schedule based on clients or time zones.

While a few competitors provide similar functionalities, AutoTrack’s emphasis on privacy, automation, and transparency sets it apart as the ideal solution for remote or hybrid workers and freelancers.

What Can You Do with AutoTrack?

Enable, Snooze, Custom, View

Enable, snooze, custom and view AutoTrack

Enable AutoTrack in Your Computer

To access the AutoTrack feature, you can follow step-by-step instructions within the TrackingTime app. Once you’ve located and accessed AutoTrack, the next step is to enable it. The process of turning on AutoTrack consists of setting up your preferred registration mode, whether it’s “On working hours,” “Always,” or “Never.” 

Snooze AutoTrack

Snooze AutoTrack is a handy feature that provides flexibility and control over AutoTrack’s activity registration. If you need to temporarily pause AutoTrack to focus on non-work-related tasks, the snooze option is your go-to solution. This allows you to dedicate your attention to non-work-related activities without any interruptions or distractions. Whether you want to take a break, engage in personal tasks, or simply have some downtime, Snooze AutoTrack empowers you to manage your time effectively and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Customize Your AutoTrack Display

Customizing Your AutoTrack Display offers a range of options to personalize your experience and optimize visibility based on your preferences.

With step-by-step instructions, you can easily adjust the display size of AutoTrack, choosing between “Compact” or “Large” to suit your needs. Additionally, you have the flexibility to configure the number of columns displayed, allowing you to efficiently view activity information. Another aspect of customization is the time threshold feature. AutoTrack intelligently groups time entries and rounds them based on predefined periods, such as 1 minute, 5 minutes, or 10 minutes. This ensures a clear and organized overview of your tracked activities.

View Your Computer Activity

The main pane serves as an organized view of your work history, displaying a comprehensive log of recorded computer activity. By exploring this main pane, you can gain a clear overview of your productivity and time allocation. Hovering over app icons allows you to access and review specific activity details, such as the browser or app title, the task or event worked on, total time spent, and start and end times. This level of detail provides valuable insights into your work patterns and helps you analyze your productivity effectively.

With AutoTrack’s robust features and seamless integration, viewing and analyzing your computer activity becomes a breeze, empowering you to make informed decisions about your time usage and improve your overall productivity. Moreover, if you want to dig deeper on AutoTrack technical features check our knowledge base article here.  

AutoTrack by TrackingTime is the Ultimate Time-Tracking Solution

In conclusion, AutoTrack by TrackingTime is the ultimate automatic time-tracking solution for all: employees, managers, remote workers, and freelancers. Its privacy-centric approach, automatic time tracking, and focus on trust make it a valuable tool for enhancing productivity and accountability. 

Choose AutoTrack, your reliable time tracking companion that prioritizes your privacy, saves you time, and ensures accurate results.

Experience the difference that AutoTrack brings to the table. Try it today and discover a new level of efficiency and convenience in your time tracking journey.


What is AutoTrack and how can it benefit me as an employee?

AutoTrack is an automatic time tracking solution offered by TrackingTime. It relieves the burden of manual time tracking and increases productivity. As an employee, you can benefit from AutoTrack in the following ways: Privacy, Automatic tracking, Transparency, Accuracy.

How does AutoTrack foster trust and autonomy for small business team managers or owners?

AutoTrack promotes trust and autonomy between managers and employees by focusing on time tracking rather than monitoring individuals. This approach allows employees to take ownership of their work hours without feeling micromanaged. Managers can trust their team members to deliver results, which builds a healthy work culture centered on responsibility and professional growth.

How does AutoTrack benefit remote workers and freelancers?

AutoTrack is particularly beneficial for remote workers and freelancers dealing with multiple time zones and clients. It acts as a personal productivity assistant, helping allocate specific time slots for tasks and projects. AutoTrack ensures confidentiality and automatic time tracking, allowing for optimized time blocking based on clients or time zones.