Divide et Impera: 3 Proven Strategies to Effectively Manage Your To-do List

The Latin saying goes Divide et impera, “Divide and Conquer”. It turned out to be quite useful for Napoleon and Cesar, but it is not only a good piece of advice for successful strategists or Machiavellian politicians. And it also works to overcome daily hurdles in business strategies.

It is not only about dividing your tasks and writing them on a to-do list. Having strategies when it comes to managing your to-do list will help you actually getting things done. Here are some of ideas.

Strategies to Manage Your To-Do List

Strategy #1: Compartmentalize

Divide to-dos into categories, such as work, house and friends, and family. It’s great if you find you completed most chores and work tasks, but you will also need to notice if you haven’t been dedicating enough time to others or even to yourself.

Strategy #2: Contextualize

Putting a to-do into a context involves thinking about the time and effort it will require. Setting a time estimate will provide a useful guideline to understand when is the best part of your day for a specific task, so you can use your most productive hours for the most demanding work.

Strategy #3: Prioritize

The importance of a to-do is not always directly related to the amount of effort it takes. There are things that need to be done first, that is why setting deadlines can be a must-do for some to-dos. Also, prioritizing will tell you which tasks are the ones you can afford to delegate, and which others shall need your full attention.

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Strategies to Manage your To-do List

  1. Compartmentalize

  2. Contextualize

  3. Prioritize

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