Productive people have initiatives that differentiate them from those who are not productive. Find out below what are the things that productive people do before going to bed and get inspired.

Things Productive People do Before going to Bed:

1. They review their day.

What have I learned today? What did I accomplish? Did I complete all the tasks I had for the day or should I include them in tomorrow’s list? Reviewing your day will provide a bigger picture of what you are doing; also reflecting on your day will help you keep a positive attitude towards your goals.

2. They write down their thoughts.

Anything from big plans, things to do, to your opinion on that TV show everyone talks about. You can combine it with the previous tip to stay on track with your major goals

3. They stick their noses into books.

Reading a book has many benefits: Is good for your intellect, improves your grammar skills- Also helps you fall asleep faster and if you read a paper book, you’ll be relaxing your eyes from the bright lights from the screens of your cellphone and computers.

4. They set priorities for the next morning.

Setting priorities the night before helps you focus on what needs to be done the next day. You will be able to better organize your schedule and focus on what is really important.

5. They spend quality time with family.

What’s the point of being more efficient if you don’t have time left for your loved ones? Go to the school play, eat together with your family, and spend an afternoon in the park.

6. They get things done.

Leave excuses behind, fight against procrastination, switch the TV off and just do it! Of course some things are easier to get done than others, but complaining won’t do the trick. Get your dishes done before going to bed, get your to do list for the next day and use it.

7. They do a digital detox.

Digital detox means to turn off all electronic devices. Some experts even recommend not sleeping with our cellphone on our night table. Turn off the TV as well as your cellphone, tablet, etc. And don’t panic, they will be there tomorrow.

8. They spend time in nature.

Being in contact with nature has many benefits: studies show that spending just 20 minutes in vegetation-rich nature improves vitality; you are less likely to be depressed, it boosts your immune system to name a few.

9. They practice meditation.

Meditation helps you relax, teaches you to clear your mind and induces you to sleep if done before going to bed. You don’t need to be a yoga master, just five minutes of mindfulness meditation will do. And you can learn how to do this online!

10. They envision their future.

Think about it, but think honestly about it. Embrace the full picture. Envision your future as the first step to make it happen.